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Danse Orientale
Danse Orientale

Marie Silva-Alexander


Marie Silva-Alexander Marie Silva-Alexander began dancing at an early age at the side of her mother, Audrey Silva, a folk dance teacher in the city of Santa Maria, California.

She put on a performance at The Intersection Folk Arts Center on December 4, 1980, and was on the staff of the folk dance coffeehouse.

In 1994, "Arabesque" magazine published a conversation with Marie.

She starred in the Zahra Zuhair "Po Na Na Dance Theater" production of "The Veils of Inanna" on April 22, 2001.

She is a founding member of a union for the protection and betterment of work conditions for Southern California belly dancers.

Marie received a Theatre Arts degree from Immaculate Heart College and is a former member of the repertory company Greyfriar's Theatre Ensemble. She has also appeared on several popular television series.

She is well-known as a popular Los Angeles Middle Eastern nightclub dancer and has performed in Canada, Europe and the Middle East as a featured solo artist. She also owned Habu, a dance studio and costume company in Holllywood.

Dances Marie has taught include Danse Orientale (Belly Dancing).