Joseph Oyewusi


Ghanian, Nigerian
Ghanian, Nigerian

Joseph Oyewusi - NO PHOTO


Joseph Oyewusi taught at the California University of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp (now Stockton Folk Dance Camp) in 1970.

At Stanford, Joseph demonstrated various musical instruments used by the Yoruba, including the thumb and reed pianos, the West African talking drum, and various shakers and bells and discussed the costume he was wearing.

Also at Stanford, he performed six dances accompanied by recordings of African music: Jù Jú (a social dance); Bàtákoto (a religious dance sometimes adapted for the stage); Ìgbìn (a religious dance honoring Obatala, a Yoruba godling); Pálòńò (performed by young people on happy ceremonial occasions); Dance of the Water Spirit (danced on sand by young women to test the strength of their toes); and Highlife (a social dance originating from Ghana).

Dances Joseph taught include Bàtákoto, Highlife, Ìgbìn, Jù Jú, Pálòńò, Sákárà, The Beer Maker's Dance, and The Dance of the Water Spirit.