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Lisa Lekis - Photo by Dick Oakes

Photo by Dick Oakes

Lisa Lekis was born in in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on November 19, 1917, and was a sociologist, writer, and an important researcher of Latin American and Caribbean music and dance. She did a dissertation at University of Florida in 1956 titled, "Origin and Development of Ethnic Caribbean Dance and Music."

Lisa produced a recording titled "Caribbean Festival" which was issued in the 1950s by the Puerto Rico Tourist Board. It was made up of field recordings Lisa had done throughout the Caribbean. She had also had an album of her field recordings issued by Folkways in 1953 titled "Caribbean Dances."

Lisa taught at the California College of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp (now Stockton Folk Dance Camp) in 1951 and 1954.

In 1953, she and her husband Walter created a CD of Caribbean dances on the Folkways label in New York.

In 1962, she was a teaching staff member at the Santa Barbara Folk Dance Conference.

Lisa died in Redmond, Washington, on August 5, 1995.

Among Lisa's publications are

Dances Lisa taught included Call of the Pipes, Chicago Waltz, Congo, Curacao Waltz, Danza Puertorriqueña, Gambao, Joropo, King Sailor, La Plena, Los Lanceros, Mambo, and Martinique Mazurka.

Lisa and Walter Lekis 1954   Lisa and Walter Lekis 1954   Lisa and Walter Lekis 1954