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René Besné


René and Frances Besné René Besné was a recognized force in the folk dance movement of California as a director, teacher, and performer.

René is an industrial designer of audio amplifiers and on December 5, 1974, with Nelson Pass, co-founded Threshold Electronics, an innovative leader in high-performance solid state audio electronics. The company was sold in 1987 and continued under the name Threshold-Audio.

His wife, Frances, danced in AMAN. After being in Kitka with Frances, René directed and Frances danced in the Bulgarian dance groups Sredec (Los Angeles based) and Stopan (San Diego based). He co-directed (with Drew Herzig) Maika Zemja (Sacramento based).

René and his wife are no longer active in folk dancing. Their books, records, and tapes were damaged (super-saturated with gunk, actually) in a flood. Essentially this meant that the costume books, dance notes, and record jackets -- many not replaceable -- were a total loss. For the most part, the discs themselves and most of the actual tapes were salvageable. These recordings are now in the (slow) process of physical recovery and digital restoration.

The couple lives near Palm Springs, California.

Dances René taught include Dajčovo Horo, Dranavoto Rŭčenica, Elenino Horo, Novozagorsko Horo, Pasarelska, Plevensko Pajduško Horo, Rŭčenica na Levo, Šopsko Horo, and U Kruševo Ogin Gori.