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Beverly Barr danced as a child and performed in amateur and semi-professional productions throughout early adulthood. She enrolled in an Israeli dance class in 1963 and has been folk dancing ever since.

About five years after she started folk dancing, she began teaching. Her husband Irwin joined her to help with the equipment. Beverly and Irwin have appeared on television and Beverly has represented folk dancing in other media. She has taught at the California Traditional Music Society's events.

Beverly and her husband Irwin teach two daytime and three evening classes each week and are guest teachers at many other groups. Beverly plans group trips and cruises and regularly teaches at Southern California's Camp Hess Kramer. She has also taught at the 3rd Annual International Folkdance Camp on Santa Catalina.

In addition to her many years as a teacher Beverly is a Past President of the Folk Dance Federation of California, South.

Dances Beverly has taught include Basara, Farewell Marian, Handel with Care, Jamaica, Jiana din Avrig, Krivo Sadovsko Horo, Mistřinská, Pot of Gold, Rekansko Oro, Šarplaninsko, Svekrvino Oro, Tennessee Waltz, Tropoţica de la Bălţi, Tzipor K'tana, and Žensko Dračevsko.