Israeli Song Words

Compiled by Dick Oakes

Ahavat Hadassah
        The love of myrtle

/ Ahavat Hadassah al levavi niksherah
Va'ani betoch golah, p'amai tsolelim. /
/ Lu yesh reshut li e'eleh etchaberah
Toch sha'arei tsion asher hem nahalalim. /
/ Shacharit v'aravit bat nedivim ezkerah
Libi vera'ayonai becheshek nivhalim. /
/ Binim zemirot minedod etorerah
Va'ani verayati berinah tsohalim. /
  The love of Hadassah (Israel) is tied to my heart
And my steps are sunk deep in the exile.
If I could I would go up and join
Within the gates of Zion which are praised.
Morning and evening I'll remember the daughter of Israel.
My heart and thoughts are shaken with desire.
With music of psalms I'll wake up from wandering,
My love and I will sing for joy.

Al Tira
        Don't be afraid

Al tira avdi Ya'akov
Ho chalamati chalom
Al tira avdi Ya'akov
Ma nora hamakom

Nitsav lo hasulam
Im malachei shamayim
Yordim v'olim kulam
Im ts'chorei knafayim

Yishar kochacha Ya'akov acha
Kuma ledarkacha kedma, mizracha!
Lech kadima, al techata
Lech lecha.
Ki takum ha'aretz ata
L'cha ulzaracha.
  Don't be afraid my servant Jacob.
Oh, I have dreamed a dream.
Dont be afraid my servant Jacob.
How full of awe is this place.

The ladder is set up
With angels of heaven;
All of them ascending and descending
With white wings.

Be strong brother Jacob,
Arise and go eastward.
Go forth, don't be afraid. Go your way.
You go
Because this land will become
Yours and your seed's.

Al Tir'uni
        Don't stare at me

/ Al tir'uni she'ani shcharchoret
sheshzafatni hashamesh. /
/ Shechora ani vena'ava /
/ Shechora ani. /
Vena'ava benot Yerushalayim.
  Don't stare at me because I am dark,
Because the sun has graced me.
I am dark and beautiful,
I am dark,
And beautiful, oh daughters of Jerusalem.

At Vani
        You and I

Bo'i elai likrat habah
V'yufshar libi shkafah
Mi'yom rei'ot otach nishbah
L'margolotaich yafah.
Lu ehi anochi ka'yom
Mi l'yonati koh tidmeh
Nashik kanfot eilay savyon
Kum nakim lanu hanaveh.
At va'ani na'apila shechkim
Nagbiha uf el al k'yonim
Chut hashani s'vivenu
V'gil v'sason adei shanim.
  Come to me toward the one who is coming
And my heart, which froze, will thaw out.
From the day I saw you, I swear,
At your feet, my beauty.
If I were today
Who is like my dove,
We will touch wings to the dandelion.
We will build our dwelling.
You and I will climb to the clouds.
We will fly high like doves.
The scarlet thread will surround us
And joy and delight forever.

Ashrei Ha'ish
        Happy is the man

/ Ashrei ha'ish
asher lo halach
ba'atzat reshaim. /
Uvederech chata'im lo amad
Uvemoshav leitzim lo yashav.
/ Ki im b'torat Ha'Shem chefetzo
Uvetorato yehege yomam valaila. /
Vehayah ke'etz shatul
al palgei mayim
(asher piryo yiten be'ito)
ve'alehu lo yibol
vechol asher ya'aseh yatzli'ach.
  / Happy is the man
Who doesn't live
According to the advice of the wicked. /
And does not stand in the way of sinners,
nor sit in the seat of the scornful.
/ But who finds delight in God's Torah (law)
And reflects on His torah day and night. /
And he shall be like a tree
Planted by streams of water,
That bringeth forth its fruit in its season,
And whose leaf doth not wither;
And in whatsoever he doeth he shall prosper.

Bashana Haba'a
        Next year

Bashana haba'a, neshev al hamirpeset
Venispor tziporim nodedot.
Yeladim, bekhoufsha, yesakhakhu tofeset
Bein habayit, oulebeyn hasadot.
        Od tire, od tire,
        Kama tov yihye,
        Bashana, bashana haba'a
Anavim adumim, yavshilu ad ha'erev
Veyugshu tzonenim lashulkhan.
Verukhot redumim, yis'u el em haderekh
Itonim yeshanim ve'anan.
Bashana haba'a, nifros kapot yadayim,
Mul ha'or hanigar halavan.
Anafa levana, tifros ba'or knafayim
Vehashemesh tizrakh betokhan.
Bashana haba'a, neshev al hamirpeset
Venispor tziporim nodedot.
Yeladim, bekhoufsha, yesakhakhu tofeset
Bein habayit, oulebeyn hasadot.
  Next year we will sit on the porch
And count wandering birds.
Children off from school will play tag
Between the house and the fields.
        You will see,
        How good it will be
        Next year.
Red grapes will ripen till the evening,
and will be served chilled to the table.
And languid winds will carry to the crossroads
old newspapers and a cloud.
You will yet see, you will yet see,
how good it will be next year.
Next year we will spread out our hands
towards the radiant light.
A white heron like a light will spread her wings
and within then the sun will rise.
You will yet see, you will yet see,
how good it will be next year.

Bat Harim
        Daughter of the mountains

Mi dolga, chofezet,
Al sela mefazezet?
Bat Carmel hi —
Ya'el, chemdat harim.
Gil tzchoka yarki'a
Re'a la haraki'a
Ve'achim la ribo hakochavim.
Zohar leilot yifros la ka'aderet
Boker ye'or beron hatziporim.
Ach shav tiga ha'elem utchapsena
Tzada hi bashvilim hanistarim.
  Who is she, gliding through the woods,
Lingering over the rocks?
Daughter of the Carmel is she –
Yael, the beauty of the mountains.
Her gleeful laughter fills the air.
Her rooftop is the firmament.
Her companions, the myriad stars.
Nighttime, she is wrapped in moon glow.
Mornings, she awakens to birdsong.
In vain, lad, will you toil and seek her.
She hunts in the hidden trails.

Bat Tsurim
        Daughter of the rocks

Mi zot tsurim shochenet
Doleget al ramot?
Kachalilim rononet
Tiferet alamot
Geva, Geva migalil navi
Pera, Pera saar bil'vavi
Gura naari, ho.
Kots latsabar yedati
Chach lashoshana
Mor heharim ahavti
Givat hal'vona
Rahav ul yamim tamid potseach
Ahav bil'vavo tamid poreach
Gura naari, ho . . .
  Who is the one who dwells in the cliffs,
Jumps on the hills?
Like flutes she sings.
The most beautiful of maidens;
More beautiful than the Galil.
A wild storm in my heart.
Get going my beloved man.
Prickly cactus I knew;
A flower to the rose.
Myrrh of the mountain I loved;
The hill of frankencense.
Desire always breaks out in my beloved.
Love in his heart blossoms.
Get going my beloved man.

Bat Yiftach
        Daughter of Yiftach

Sach yomi la’erev
Yafim harei gilad
Veleyli hu teref
Lagai shebamorad.
Liroti nichsafu
Talyot asher nahagti el shoket
Chodashi chalafu
El avi im shachar elakach.
Uri bat, bat Yiftach
Al harim od lan hasheket,
Hen nitsach vayitslach
Kol am Gilad.
Uri bat, bat Yiftach
Mikravot kvar shav haneshek,
Ki lakachat,
Lo nishkach, alumayich, bat.
  The day tells the evening
The beauty of the Gilead mountains,
And the night falls prey
To the valley below.
To see me they have come,
The lambs I guided to the spring.
My months have elapsed,
I will be taken to my father at dawn.
Arise, daughter of Yiftach--
Silence still slumbers in the mountains
For they have won and succeeded,
The nation of Gilead.
Arise, daughter of Yiftach--
The weapons have returned from battle,
For they will take away,
Assuredly, your youth, daughter.

Bo Dodi
        Come, my beloved

Bo dodi alufi hagorna
Sham simcha sham tsohola.
Bo'i yafati bimcholot netse’a
Hechatan vehakala.
Tnu tzilchem harei Efrayim,
zamru zemer lakotsrim.
ve'atem kochevey shamayim,
ronu, ronu ladodim.
  Girl: Come, my beloved, to the barn--
There’ll be laughter, there’ll be joy.
Boy: Come out to dance, my pretty one,
Like the groom and bride.
Make your sounds on the hills of Ephraim,
sing a song to the reapers,
and you, the stars of the heavens,
rejoice for these lovers.


Ruach yam vehod galim
El chofayich ma kalim.
Dayagim parsu rishtam.
Havi nerda layam!
Gal vasela ushchafim
Vesira mul shachak
Levein risayich nishkafim.
Gil oshrech kayam.
Tnu od reshet
Ki hamtsula rogeshet.
Raba, raba degat hayam.
Se'u se’u mashot,
Alu ki et limshot.
Ali habat mechof umigalim
Ali ki--
  The breeze of the sea, the glory of the waves
Yearn for your shores.
Fishermen spread their nets.
Let's go down to the sea!
Waves, rocks, and seagulls
And a boat facing heaven
Are reflected beneath your eyelashes.
Your joyous happiness is like the sea.
Give out more net
Because the sea is roaring in its depths.
The fish of the sea are plentiful;
Carry the oars.
Come out, for it is time to pull in the nets.
Come out, my girl, from the waves
And surf--

Dodi Dodi
        My beloved

Dodi dodi tsach ve'adom,
Dagul merevava. /
Rosho ketem paz, kyutsotav taltalim.
Shechorot shechorot schechorot ka'orev,
Dodi, dodi, dodi, dodi vere'i.
  My beloved shines. He is ruddy,
Distinguished above ten thousand.
He is bright. His locks are curled;
Black as a raven.
My beloved and my friend.

Dodi Li
        My beloved is mine

        / Dodi Li, va'ani lo,
        Haro'eh bashoshanim. /
Mi zot o'la, min hamidbar, mi zot o'la?
Mekuteret mor, mor u'levona, mor u'levona.
/ Libavtini, schoti kala,
Libavtini kala. /
/ Uri, tsafon,
Uvo'i teiman. /
        My beloved is mine and I am his,
        Who dwelleth among the roses.
Who is coming up from the desert
Scented with myrrh and frankincense?
You have endeared yourself to me,
My sister, my bride.
Come up from the North,
And come thou South.

D'ror Yikra
        He will proclaim freedom

/ Dror yikra leven im bat
veyin'tzorchem kemo bavat. /
Ne'im shimchem ve'lo yushbat
/ Sh'vu venuchu beyom shabbat. /
/ D'rosh navi ve'ulami/ge'ulat ami
ve'ot yesha aseh imi /
Net'a sorek betoch karmi
/ She'e shav'at benei ami. /
D'ror yikra...
Dror pora betoch botzra
Vegam bavel asher gavra
Netotz tzarai be'af evra
Sh'ma koli beyom ekra.
Elohim ten bamidbar (har)
Hadas shitah b'rosh tidhar
Velamazhir velanizhar
/ Shlomim ten k'mei nahar. /
Hadof kamai el kana
Bemog levav uvim'ginah
Venarchiv pe unemaleina
Leshoneinu lecha rina.
De'ei chochma lenafshecha
Vehi keter leroshecha
Netzor mitzvat k'doshecha
Shmor shabbat kodshecha.
  He will proclaim freedom for all his children
And will keep you as the apple of his eye.
Pleasant is your name and will not be destroyed.
Repose and rest on the Sabbath day.
Seek my sanctuary and my home,
Give me a sign of deliverance.
Plant a vine in my vineyard.
Look to my people, hear their laments.
He will proclaim freedom...
Tread the wine-press in Bozrah
And in Babylon that city of might
Crush my enemies in anger and fury
On the day when I cry, hear my voice
Plant, oh God, in the mountain waste,
Fir and acacia, myrtle and elm.
Give to those who teach and to those who obey.
And to those who obey
Abundance peace, like the flow of a river.
Repel my enemies, oh zealous God.
Fill their hearts with fear and despair.
Then we shall open our mouths
And fill our tongues with Your praise.
Know wisdom, that your soul may live
And it shall be a diadem for your brow.
Keep the commandment of your Holy One.
Observe the Sabbath, your sacred day.

El Ginat Egoz
        To the nut garden

El ginat egoz yarad'ti
Lir'ot be'ivei hanachal
Lir'ot hafrachah hagefen
Henetzu harimonim.
Lecha dodi netze hasadeh
Nalinah bak'farim naskimah lak'ramim
Nir'eh im parchah hagefen
Pitach hasmadar.
Uri tsafon uvo'i teiman
Hafichi gani yizlu b'samav
Yavo dodi l'gano
V'yochai p'ri m'gadav.
  To the nut garden; I went down
To see the rushes of the river,
To see had the vine blossomed,
Has the pomegranate brought flower.
Come my beloved, let's go to the fields.
We'll sleep in the village, we'll arise and go to
The vineyard, to see if the vine has blossomed.
Open my ruby.
Wake up my North, and come South.
Turn over my garden. Blossoms will flow.
My beloved will come to his garden
And will eat the fruit of his choice.

Eretz Zavat Chalav
        A land flowing with milk

Eretz zavat chalav,
chalav u'dvash.
  A land flowing with milk,
milk and honey.

Erev Ba
        Evening comes

Shuv ha'eder noheir,
Bimvo'ot hakfar,
Ve'ole ha'avak,
Mishvilei afar,
Veharchek od tsemed inbalim,
Melave et meshech hatslalim,
Erev ba, erev ba.
Shuv haruach lochesh
Bein gidrot ganim,
Uvtsameret habrosh,
Kvar namot yonim,
Veharchek al ketef hagva'ot,
Od noshkot, karnayim achronot,
Erev ba, erev ba.
Shuv havered cholem, chalomot balat,
Uforchim kochavim, bamarom at at,
Veharchek, ba'emek ha'afel,
Melave hatan, et bo haleil,
Leyil rad, layil rad.
Erev ba, erev ba.
  Again the flock comes
Through the entrance of the village,
And the dust rises
From the sandy paths,
And from the distance a pair of bells
Still accompanies the lengthening of the shadows.
Evening has come; evening has come.
Again the wind whispers
Among the fences of the gardens.
And at the top of a cypress
Pigeons already sleep.
And far away on the shoulder of the hills
The last sun rays are still kissing.
Evening has come; evening has come.
Again the rose dreams its dreams
In secret, and stars flower
Little by little in the sky.
And far away, in the dark valley,
The jackal accompanies the coming of night.
Night has fallen.

Erev Shel Shoshanim
        Evening of roses

Erev shel shoshanim,
Netze na el habustan.
Mor besamim ulevona
Leraglech miftan
        Laila yored le'at
        Veruach shoshan noshva.
        Hava elchash lach shir balat
        Zemer shel ahava.
Shachar homa yona.
Roshech maleh telalim.
Pich el haboker shoshana,
Ektefenu li.
  Evening of roses,
Let us go out to the garden.
Myrrh, spices, and incense
Are a carpet for your feet.
        Night comes upon us slowly
        And a breeze of roses is blowing.
        Let me whisper a song to you quietly,
        A song of love.
It is dawn, a dove is cooing.
Your hair is filled with dew.
Your lips are like a rose to the morning.
I'll pick it for myself.

Et Dodim Kala
        A time of lovers

Et dodim kala
Boi el gani
Et dodim kala
Wallek boi el gani
Parchah hagefen
Henetzu rimonim.
Et dodim kala
Boi el gani
Et dodim kala
Boi el gani
Parchah hagefen
Henetzu rimonim,
Parchah hagefen
Henetzu rimonim.
Chalaf hageshem
Hastav avar
Wallek chalaf hageshem
Hastav avar
Kumi ra'ayati
Hacheshek gavar,
Kumi ra'ayati
Hachshek gavar.
Yaradnu chevrah
Lir'ot beganim
Yaradnu chevrah
Lir'ot beganim
Sham babait dodi
Einaich yonim,
Sham babait dodi
Einaich yonim.
Yafit une'emet
K'sheleg shinech
Wallek yafit une'emet
K'sheleg shinech
Dvash vechalav tachat l'shonech,
Dvash vechalav tachat l'shonech.
Et dodim kala
Boi el gani
Et dodim kala
Boi el gani
Parchah hagefen
Henetzu rimonim,
Parchah hagefen
Henetzu rimonim.
  A time of lovers (my) bride
Come to my garden,
A time of lovers (my) bride
Come to my garden.
The vine bloomed,
The pommegranates sprouted.
A time of lovers (my) bride
Come to my garden,
A time of lovers (my) bride
Come to my garden.
The vine bloomed,
The pommegranates sprouted,
The vine bloomed,
The pommegranates sprouted.
The rain is over
The autumn passed
The rain is over
The autumn passed.
Get up my spouse
The desire got stronger,
Get up my spouse
The desire got stronger.
We went down a group
To graze in the orchards,
We went down a group
To graze in the orchards,
There in the house is my love
Your eyes are like doves,
There in the house is my love
Your eyes are like doves.
Beautiful and pleasant
Like the snow of your tooth
Beautiful and pleasant
Like the snow of your tooth
Honey and milk is under your tongue,
Honey and milk is under your tongue.
A time of lovers (my) bride
Come to my garden,
A time of lovers (my) bride
Come to my garden.
The vine bloomed,
The pommegranates sprouted
The vine bloomed,
The pommegranates sprouted.

Eten Bamidbar
        I will plant

Eten bamidbar neta erez
shita vahadas ve'etz shamen.
/ Asim ba'arava brosh /
Tidhar utashur yachdav.
  I will plant cedar in the desert,
Acacia, and myrtle, and the olive tree.
I will put cypress in the wilderness,
Elm and box-tree together.

Ha'eer Beafor
        City in grey

Im tirtzi she'areh lach et ha'ir be'afor
Bo'i unetayel bah al avnei mirtzafot.
/ Dom nisa et eineinu
Layonim she'afot
Im tirtzi she'areh lach et ha'ir be'afor. /
Az eten et yadai lach
Venered laretzif
Aremot shel shalechet
Sham haru'ach ya'if
At vadai techasi lach et roshech betza'if
Kshe'eten et yadi lach
Venered laretzif.
Al safsal az neshevah
Ve'im redet ha'or
Im tagidi "ayafti min ha'ir be'afor"
Ashivech al k'naf-nesher
(Ve)al gav/gabei ananim
El irech shechiktah lach bevatim levanim.
  If you want me to show you the city in gray
Come and we'll stroll on paving stones.
Silently we'll lift our eyes
to the flying doves
If you want me to show you the city in gray.
Then I'll give you my hands
And we'll descend to the wharf
Where the wind will cast airborne
Heaps of fallen leaves.
You'll certainly cover your head with a kerchief
When I give you my hand
And we descend to the wharf.
Then we'll sit on a bench
And with the fading light
If you say, "I've tired of the city in gray,”
I'll return you on eagle's wing
Astride clouds
To your city that awaited you with white houses.

        The dawn

Et telalim ofef adayim
Tofu raglayim,
Keren or tishak alma.
Yemalel shira belachash,
Yelatef berachash,
Tsel gevo shel elem shach.
Shir tsipor taron
Ve'elem yechabek alma,
/ Zik tsama cholef
Veretet yad
Yamtiku sod ha'ahava. /
  The dawn,
Covered with pearly dew,
Dancing feet,
A light ray on a laughing girl.
The spring
Will quietly whisper prayers,
Will feelingly caress
The shadow of a bending boy.
The bird will sing
As the boy embraces the girl,
A mischievous braid,
A clasping hand,
Whispering love’s secrets.

        The fox

/ Hashual haba midderech,
El, el, el karmi karav balat. /
/ Eshkol gadol viy'feh mareh,
Ganov ganav be'ein ro'eh. /
/ Ganov ganav be'ein ro'eh.
V'im shlalo nimelat. /
  The fox who comes from the road
To my vineyard; he approached slowly.
A big bunch of grapes and beautiful.
He stole without anyone looking
And with the pilfered goods he escaped
From my vineyard.

Hava Nagila
        Let's be happy

/ Hava nagila, hava nagila, hava nagila, venismecha. /
/ Hava neranena, hava neranena, hava neranena, venismecha. /
Uru, uru achim,
// Uru achim belev same'ach, //
Uru achim, uru achim, belev same'ach.
  Come, let us be happy!
Let us rejoice, sing with gladness.
Arise brothers!
Arise with happy hearts!

Hineh Ma Tov
        Oh how good

Hineh ma tov u-ma na'im
Shevet achim gam yachad.
Hinei ma tov, hinei ma tov
La, la, la . . .
Hinei ma tov, u'ma na'im
La, la, la . . .
  Oh how good and pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell peacefully together.
Behold how good, behold how good
La, la, la . . .
Behold how good and how pleasant it is
La, la, la . . .

Hora Agadati
        Hora of my fairy tale

Hasimchah balev yokedet/rokedet
Veragleinu gil shof'ot
Kach nid'roch/nir'kod admat moledet
Venashirah: tov lichyot!
Hashirah beron zoremet
Al harim vege'ayot
Bechazeinu od po'emet
Hak'riyah ki tov lichyot.
Hasimchah balev
Hasimcha yokedet
Veragleinu gil shof'ot
Venashirah, tov lichyot.
Lo nech'dal ki yesh
Od dei oz vameretz
Kol gufeinu lahat esh
Vehalev go'esh.
Hal'ah kol mac'ov,
Negaresh kol peg'a
Venasov haloch vasov
Horah ad bli sof. Ki . . .
Hasimchah . . .
  The joy within our hearts is dancing
And our feet are keeping time,
Thus in Eretz we'll be stepping and dancing.
Oh, 'tis good to be alive!
Our sing is ringing round the world,
Over hills and over valeys,
The echo of our song is hurled
Eretz Israel it hails!
The joy within our hearts!
The joy is dancing!
And our feet are keeping time.
Oh, 'tis good to be alive!
We shall not cease, for still
Our strength is rising higher,
For dauntless is our will,
And our hearts are on fire!
Away with grief and pain,
For hope does sorrow mend,
Around and round again,
For hora has no end! Because . . .
The joy . . .

Hora Habika
        Dance of the celebration

        Elef zemer poh hevenu
        Le'achinu hakatan.
        Elef zemer ve’od zemer
        Nachal Na'aran.
Migilgal gilgalnu hena,
Mayim vegam shir mizmor.
Bo achinu, smach itanu,
Sheyihiye lanu ha'or.
U'mimasu'a nasanu
Yedidut min haschenim.
Bo achinu, smach itanu
Vehasbet lanu panim.
Me'argaman lecha aragnu
Shefa or mikan yivka
Bo achinu, smach itanu
Vetismach kol habika
U'mikalya shelo day la
Yesh bracha, kevirkat av
Bo achinu, smach itanu
Yismechu harei Mo'av.
        We have brought a thousand songs
        To our young brother,
        A thousand and one songs
        To Nachal Na'aran (new Nachal settlement).
We have rolled here from Gilgal
Water and a melody.
Come, brother, celebrate with us,
Bring us light.
From Masu'a we brought
Friendship and good neighbors.
Come, brother, celebrate with us,
Cheer us up.
From Argaman we have woven
A bright emanating light.
Come, brother, celebrate with us,
And the entire valley will celebrate.
And if that is not enough, Kalya
Sends a fatherly blessing.
Come, brother, celebrate with us,
And the mountains of Mo'av will celebrate.

Hora Mamtera
        Hora of the sprinkler

Ron kiluach batzinor
Zeh darko shel hamizmor
Min haberez el haregev
Ya'alu meimei-t'hom
Masheva omeret lechem!
Negev, negev, ma miyom?
Negev, mamterot alecha!
        Sovi, sovi, mamtera, hey!
        Sovi, sovi, mamtera
        Lefazer pninei ora
        Sovi vehartizi mayim
        Etz yaria basdera
        Adama titen pirya
        Bein geshem mishamayim,
        Geshem mishamayim.
Hamerchav kulo natzod
Tzinorot parsu hareshet
Vehineh siman vaot:
Betipin nireit hakeshet
Brit haperach vehanir
Brit hasheket vehazemer
Mamtera, shirech hu shir
Ranenihu, ad ein-gemer.

  The current is making music in the pipe.
Pipes--the arteries of the Negev.
This is the course of the melody:
From the spigot to the clod
Rise the waters of the deep.
The pump spells bread!
Negev O Negev, what has this day wrought?
Negev, the sprinklers are upon you!
        Turn, turn, sprinkler, hey!
        Turn, turn, sprinkler
        To scatter the shining pearls
        Turn and spray water
        The trees will trumpet in the grove
        The earth will bear its fruit
        Without rain from the heavens,
        Rain from the heavens.
The whole expanse is held captive;
The pipes have cast their net
And here is a sign and a signal:
In the droplets, a rainbow appears –
A covenant of the flower and the field.
A covenant of the stillness and the melody.
Sprinkler, your song is a song indeed!
Play it without end.


Hora Medura
        Hora of the campfire

Banu bli kol vachol
Anu aniyei etmol.
Lanu hagoral masar
Et milionei hamachar.
Tsena lama'agal,
Ten na shir mizmor ladal.
Hena ne'esfu lirkod
B'nai ha'oni vehashod.
Hora ali, ali!
Esh hadliki beleili,
T'hora rabat ora,
Hora medura.
  We came with nothing,
We, the poor of yesterday.
Fate gave us
The millions of tomorrow.
Come out to the circle,
Give a song to the poor.
Here gathered to dance,
Sons of poverty and the spoils.
Hora arise, arise!
Light a fire in my night,
Pure and full of light,
Hora of the campfire.

Iti Milvanon
        With me from Lebanon

Iti milvanon
Iti kala tavo'i.
Mim'onot arayot
Merosh snir vechermon.
Hinach yafa ra'ayati.
Eynayich kayonim.
Zeh dodi zeh re'i
B'not yerushalayim
Zeh dodi.
  Come with me from Lebanon, my bride,
With me from Lebanon.
Look from the top of Amana,
From the top of Senir and Hermon.
Behold, thou art fair, my love.
Thine eyes are as doves.
This is my beloved, this is my friend,
Oh daughters of Jerusalem,
This is my beloved.

Ken Yovdu
        Thus shall perish

Ken yovdu, yoveh-du,
Kol eyvecha yoveh-du,
Ken yovdu, yoveh-du,
Kol eyvecha Yisra-el.
/ Ohava ketzet
Hash'mesh bigvurato. /
  Thus shall perish, all your enemies
and your admirers will be like
the sun in its rising, with all its

        As a rose

Keshoshana bein hachochim,
Ken rayati bein habanot.
Ketapuach ba'atsei haya'ar
Ken dodi bein habanim.
  As a rose among thorns,
So is my love among the daughters.
As an apple tree among the trees of the forest,
So is my beloved among the sons.

Ki Tinam
        For love

Mi zot likrati ola?
Bo'i achoti kala.
Libavtini mikalot.
Yafyafit li,
Yafyafit li bamecholot.
Ki kala ani, ki ani kala,
Ki nava ani kivnot ha'ayala.
Bo'a venachula ki liba ava,
Ki tinam bamachol ahava.
Mi panav elai yair?
Ze dodi nafshi yair.
Shekulo dagul va'az.
Avakshenu li,
Avakshenu mini az.
Ki hinei dodech, ki dodech hino.
Ki yikrav elayich ye'erav chino.
Boi, venachula ki libi ava,
Ki tinam bamachol ahava.
  Who is coming up towards me?
Come, my sister, oh bride.
You have captured my heart more than other brides.
You are beautiful for me,
You are beautiful for me in dances.
I am a bride, I am a bride.
I am fairer than the daughters of the deer.
Come, let's dance, for my heart willed it,
For love is pleasant in the dance.
Who will brighten his face to me?
That's my beloved, who will awaken my son.
He is pre-eminent and strong.
I look for him.
I look for him since then.
Here is your beloved.
When he approaches you, he walks faster.
Come, let's dance, for my heart willed it,
For love is pleasant in the dance.

Kol Dodi
        Voice of my lover

/ Kol dodi. Kol dodi.
Kol dodi vehineh zeh ba! /
/ Mekapetz al heharim.
Medaleg al hageva'ot. /
  Voice of my lover.
Voice of my lover and behold he comes!
Leaping on the mountains,
Skipping on the valleys.

Lach Yerushalayim
        For you, Jerusalem

Lach Yerushalayim, bein chomot ha'ir,
Lach Yerushalayim, or chadash ya'ir.
        / Belibeinu, belibeinu rak shir echad kayam,
        Lach yerushalayim, bein Yarden vayam. /
Lach Yerushalayim, nof k'dumim vahod,
Lach Yerushalayim, lach razim vasod.
Lach Yerushalayim, shir nisa tamid,
Lach Yerushalayim, ir migdal David.
  For you Jerusalem, between city walls,
for you Jerusalem, a new light will shine.
        In our hearts only one song exists,
        For you Jerusalem, between the Jordan and the sea.
For you Jerusalem, an ancient and glorious view,
For you Jerusalem, a riddle and a secret.
For you Jerusalem, we bear a song
For you Jerusalem, city of David’s tower.

Lech Lamidbar
        Go to the desert

Lech, lech lamidbar,
Hadrachim yovilu.
Layil terem ba
Lech achi el hamidbar.
Shuv, shuv nachazor
Hatsukim yari'u.
Shemesh gedola shel or
Od tizrach aleynu.
        / Lamidbar eretz lo mayim.
        Ho at admati, shavnu elayich. /
Eretz melecha ruach veza'am.
Halochamim chazru, ho kesa'ar.
  Go, go to the desert,
The roads will lead you.
Before the night descends,
Go, my brother, to the desert.
Again we will return,
The rocks will echo our coming.
A bright shining sun
Will spread its light on us.
        To the desert--land without water.
        O my land, we have returned to you.
Salt-filled lands, wind and wrath,
The warriors returned like a storm.

Le'or Chiyuchech
        In your smiles' light

Le'or chiyuchech kachah hashemesh
Vezivo yakdu ne`urai beno'am midbarech,
Shav tehatli bi, sod einaich
Hen nigla li, sachu ramzu li ki ani dodech,
Ach re'itich im erev
Vehagigai lach teref,
Bo'i na, bo'i na, bo'i elai.
  In the light of your smile, thus the sun,
And its gleam weakened my youth in the delight of your desert.
There you'll mock me me, the secret of your eyes.
It was revealled to me, they told me hinted to me that I'm your love.
But I saw you in the evening,
And my inner feelings are prey to you,
Come please, come, please come to me.

Ma Na'avu
        How beautiful

/ Ma na'avu al heharim,
Rag'lei hamevaser, ho . . . /
/ Mashmi'a yeshu'a,
Mashemi'a shalom. /
  How beautiful on the mountains.
The footsteps of the messenger, ho . . .
Bring the tidings of deliverance;
Bring the tidings of peace.


Machar ulai nafliga basfinot
Mechof Eilat ad chof Shenhav.
Ve'al hamashchatot hayeshanot
Yatinu tapuchei zahav.
Chorus: Kol zeh eino mashal velo chalom:
Zeh nachon ka'or batsohorayim.
Kol zeh yavo machar im lo hayom,
Ve’im lo machar, az mochrotayim.
Machar ulai bechol hamisholim
Ari be'eder tson yinhag.
Machar yaku be'elef inbalim
Hamon pa'amonim shel chag.
Machar keshehatsava yifshot madav
Libeinu ya’avor ledom.
Machor kol ish yivne beshtei yadav
Et ma shehu chalam hayom.
  Tomorrow, perhaps, we’ll sail in boats
From the shore of Eilat to the Ivory Coast.
And the old destroyers
Will be loaded with oranges.
All this is not a legend or a dream:
It is as certain as the light of noon.
All this will come tomorrow, if not today,
And if not tomorrow, then the next day.
Tomorrow, perhaps, in all the paths
A lion will lead a flock of sheep.
Tomorrow a thousand clappers
Will peal in holiday bells.
Tomorrow when the army takes off their uniforms
Our hearts will stand at attention.
Tomorrow every man will build with his two hands
What he has dreamed of today.


/ Ushavtem mayim besason
Mimayaney hayeshu'a. /
/ Mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim, hey mayim besason. /
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
/ Mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim besason. /
  Ladle water with happiness
From the wells of salvation.
Water with glee!
Water with glee.

Mi Li Yiten
        Who will give me

Mi li yiten
Shtey ahavot kekedem
kach etchazak be'etsev
Mi li yiten
shtey avukot shel zohar,
kach edalek keno'ar
        / Galgal hazman golesh
        Ve'ish le'ish lochesh
        Tir'eh hazman avar. /
Mi li yiten
Shtey alamot shel chemet,
Shtey anavot hachesed
Mi li yiten
Chet mechayech baboker
Chet mechayech ba’osher
  Who will give me
Two loaves as of yore
So I will strengthen in the grief
Of youth?
Who will give me
Two torches of light,
So I will be kindled like the youth
Of the past?
        Time’s wheel turns
        And man whispers to man,
        Watch the time go by.
Who will give me
Two pretty girls,
Two lovely flowers
In sunset?
Who will give me
A sinful smile in the morning,
A mischievous happy smile
of love?

        A girl's name

Emek choresh sod yilbashu
Shemesh kvar chovka harim.
Merchavim yachdav yirgashu
Mi yorda el hakramim.
        An telechi
        Auri levadech . . .
        Ei darkech yorda
        Sapri li, Na'ama . . .
Sod li kat.
Asu'ach li badad
Laruchot egal sodi . . .
Habotsrim shiram yarona
Bakramim haru'ach shat.
Tsiporim afot tsafona
Na'ama shara balat.
  Valley, grove will envelop in secret,
The sun is already embracing the mountains.
Plains will together wonder
Who is descending to the vineyards.
        Where are you going?
        Where are you heading alone?
        Where is the road leading you?
        Tell me, Na'ama.
I have a small secret.
I will walk alone,
Tell the winds my secret.
The vintners' song joyously rises,
The wind travels in the vineyards.
Birds travel northward,
Na'ama softly sings.

        A girl's name

Klei neshifa u'meitarim
Sovevim bachalomi
Sharim shirei tehila lach,
Ken shirei tehila, Naomi.
Naomi, ani shelach.
U'berechov haramzonim
Kol hazman rak adumim.
Kol hatnu'a mechaka lach,
Pa-pam-pa-pam rak lach, Naomi,
Kol ha'ir hazot shelach.
Chaki imdi od rega kat, Naomi.
Rak bachalom at po iti.
U'chshehaboker ya'aleh, Naomi,
Eheye kan levadi.
  Wind and string instruments
Spin in my dream,
Singing songs of praise to you.
Yes, psalms, Naomi.
Naomi, I am yours.
And in the street the traffic signals
Are red all the time.
Even the traffic waits for you--
Only for you, Naomi,
The whole city is yours.
Stay with me another moment, Naomi.
Only in a dream are you here with me.
And when the morning comes, Naomi,
I will be here alone.

Od Lo Ahavti Dai
        I haven't loved enough

Be'eleh hayadayim od lo baniti kfar,
Od lo matzati mayim be'emtza hamidbar,
Od lo tziyarti perach, od lo giliti eych,
Yovil oti haderech ule'an ani holech.
        Aiy aiy ai - Od lo ahavti dai
        Haruach ve ha shemesh al pana'i
        Aiy aiy ai - Od lo amarti dai
        Ve im lo, im lo achshav ei'ma'tai?
Od lo shatalti deshe, od lo hekamti ir,
Od lo natati kerem al kol giv'ot ha gir
Od lo ha kol asiti mamash bemo yadai
Od lo hakol nisiti, od lo ahavti dai.
Od lo hekamti shevet, od lo chibarti shir,
Od lo yaradli sheleg be'emtza hakatzir
Ani od lo katavti et zichronotay
Od lo baniti li et bet chalomotay.
Ve'af alpi she'at po, ve'at kol kach yafa
Mimech ani boreach kemo mimagefa
Od yesh harbe dvarim sheratziti laasot
At betach tislechi li gam bashna hazot.
  My hands have yet to build a village;
Have yet to find water in the barren wilderness;
Have yet to paint a flower.
And I have yet to find the path that leads to my destiny.
        My love is incomplete.
        But the wind and the sun are still on my face.
        My words are incomplete.
        Oh when shall they come together?
When will I grow green fields? When will my city stand tall?
When will my grapevine grow from the dust?
There is so much to build and so much to be
And my love is just beginning.
When will I raise up my children,
And sing them my first song?
When the snowflake falls in summer
I will write down my memories in the house of my dreams.
Your beauty tempts me
But the time is not ripe.
There is so much to be done -- grant me leave
For the race that is yet to be won.


Yalda hayta ey sham bakfar
Beytah taval bis'dot dagan
Ialat kanaf hayta, parpar
Leveyn hagoren vehagan
Velah bayom haruach shar
Halayla yitnagan:
Rachel, Rachel, orech yahel
Betzamotayich hazahav noshek zahav
Rachel, Rachel, yeynech afel
Uve'eynayich ha'einav noshek einav
Rachel, Rachel...
Alah shoshan min hacholot
Vayif me'od be'al'alav
Ve'ein machol bamecholot
She'lo tir'kod kalat kanaf
Utz'lil kolah bein hakolot
Mar'id bemeitarav.
Rachel, Rachel...
Velayla ba kaved mital --
Vate'alem mis'dot nechar
Nugim hakochavim me'al
Ke'eineihem shel bney hakfar.
Shoshan lemul beytah naval
Verak haru'ach shar:
Rachel, Rachel...
  There was a girl somehwere in the village,
Her house immersed the fields of grain.
She was a swift-winged one, a butterfly
Between the threshing-floor and the garden.
By day the wind would sing for her,
By night it would make gentle sounds.
Rachel, Rachel, your light will gleam,
Gold kisses gold in the braids of your hair.
Rachel, Rachel, your wine is gloomy
And in your eyes grapes kiss each other
Rachel, Rachel...
A rose rose from the sands
And beautified its leaves greatly.
And there's no dance among dances
That the swift-winged one won't dance (to).
And the sound of her voice among voices
Makes its strings shake.
Rachel, Rachel...
And the night came, heavy with dew
And she disappeared in foreign fields.
The stars were sad up above
As were the eyes of those from the village.
The rose in front of her house went dry,
And only the wind sang.
Rachel, Rachel...

Se'ei Yona
        Come dove

Se'ei yona v'shimini,
B'kinor nagni.
U'pitz-chi zamri roni,
B'shir hitboneni.
U'mahari v'al tifni
La-derech shot-ni.
K'chi tzida 'nisa'a
V'n'taden v'nishba'a.
  Come dove and listen to me,
Play the violin.
Break into a song.
In song I am observed.
Hurry up and do not turn away
To the way.
Take a load and we'll go;
We'll eat and be fed.

Sharm el Sheikh
        Sharm a-Sheikh

Gadol hu halailah velach mechayech
Chazarnu im boker el Sharm a-Sheikh
Avarnu balailah, bayam uvahar
Uvanu im boker el toch hameitzar.
        At Sharm a-Sheikh,
        Chazarnu elaich shenit
        At belibeinu,
        Libeinu tamid.
Hayam vehamelach yaru et hashir
Chazarnu eleichem, Tiran u Snapir
Otam hashamaim me'al levavech
Meitzar, yam umayim -- at Sharm a-Sheikh.
Oleh lo haboker bechof almogim
Ovrot shuv bamayim sfinot dayagim
Yored lo ha'erev, mevi od chalom
Mevi al hamayim tikvah leshalom.
Hoy, Sharam a-Sheikh.

  Great is the night and it smiles at you.
We returned in the morning to Sharam a-Sheikh.
We passed in the night, the sea and the mountain,
Arriving in the morning at the straits.
        You're Sharam a-Sheikh,
        We've returned to you once again.
        You are in our hearts,
        Always in our hearts.
The sea and the salt will view the song.
We've returned to you, Tiran and Snapir.
The same skies above your heart.
Strait, sea and water -- you are Sharam a-Sheikh.
The morning rises in the coral beach.
Fishing boats pass through the water again.
The evening sets, bringing another dream,
Brings on the water a hope for peace.
Hoy, Sharam a-Sheikh.

        The dark one

Shecharchoret yikre'uni
Tsach hata uri.
Rak milahat shemesh kayitz
Ba li shechori.
        Yafyafit kol-kach
        Be'eynayich esh bo'eret
        Libi kulo shelach.
Shecharchoret yikre'uni
Kol yordei hayam
Im od p'’am yikre'uni
Chish elech itam.
Shecharchoret yikre'eni
Ben le'av molech.
Im od pa’am yikre'eni
Acharav elech.
  "The dark one" they call me,
But my skin was white.
Only from the fire of summer sun
Came my dark complexion.
        Oh dark one,
        You are indeed beautiful.
        In your eyes a fire burns.
        My heart is all yours.
"The dark one" they call me,
All the seafarers.
If they call me once again
I shall join them.
"The dark one" he calls me,
The prince.
If he calls me once again,
I shall follow him.

Shiboleth Basadeh
        Sheaves in the field

Shiboleth basadeh kora baru'ach
Me'omes garinim ki rav
Uv'emerchav harim yom kvar yafu'ach
Hashemesh ketem vezahav.
Uru, ho uru, shuru b'nai kfarim.
Kama hen bashla kvar al pney hakarim;
Kitsru, shilchu magal
Et reishit hakatsir.
Sdey se'orim tama zer chag oteret,
Shefa yevul u'vracha likrat bo hakotsrim
Bezohar mazheret cheresh
La'omer mechaka.
Havu, hanifu, niru lachem nir
Chag lakama et reishit hakatsir.
Kitsru, shilchu magal
Et reishit hakatsir.
  The sheaves bend in the fields
From the wind and heavy loads.
The day rises from the mountain.
The sun, orange and gold.
Get up, look villagers,
Grain is ripe on the meadows.
Reap, bend the sickle.
The beginning of the harvest.

Ta'am Haman
        The taste of manna

/ Gizratech -- tavnit nogah,
Reichah nered uvemor sugah. /
/ Siftotaich argaman,
Nivan - binot, ta'aman - man. /
/ Ta'am haman, haman, haman
Im yesupar lo ye'uman. /
/ Tzuf, tirosh, chalav ud'vash
Lo yeravuni, chiki yavash. /
/ Et eshak siftotaich
Tashkini adanaich. /
Ta'am haman...
Bat shirati, ufi na
mul tamati keyonah.
Barah hineh kechamah,
Liv'yat chen ne'imah.
Ta'am haman...
  You are formed in beauty,
Sweet scented, wrapped in myrrh.
Your lips vermilion,
Their speech of understanding, their taste is manna.
The taste of manna, manna, manna,
If told it won't be believed.
Nectar, wine, milk or honey
Cannot quench me, my bosom is dry.
When I will kiss your lips,
You will satisfy me with your delight.
The taste of manna...
Girl of my song, please fly
In front of my innocent one as a dove.
Pure you are as the sun,
A pleasant ornament.
The taste of manna...

Tzadik Katamar
        The righteous like a palm

/ Tzadik katamar yifrach, yifrach
Tsadik katamar yifrach. /
/ Ke'erez balvanon yisge
Ke'erez balvanon yisge yisge. /
  The righteous will blossom
Like a date palm tree,
And will grow
Like a cedar of Lebanon.

Tzena, Tzena
        Go forth, daughters

Tzena, tzena, tzena, tzena habanot, urena
Chayalim bamoshava.
Al-na, al-na, al-na, al-na,
Al-na titchabena miben-chayil ish tzava.
  Go forth, daughters, and see
Soldiers in the settlement.
Do not,
Do not be afraid of a soldier, one of the army.

Ve David
        And David

/ Ve David yafe einayim,
Hu ro'eh bashoshanim. /
Hika Sha'ul ba'alafav,
Ve David berivovotav.
/ Ben Yishai chai vekayim. /
  And David has beautiful eyes.
He liveth among the roses.
Saul killed them in the thousands
And David in the ten thousands.
The son of Jesse is alive, exists.

Yamin u'Smol (Orcha Bamidbar)
        To the right and left (A caravan in the desert)


Yemin U'Smol
        Right and Left

Yamin usmol, rak chol vachol
Yatzhiv midbar le'lo mish'ol
Orchah overah, dumam/orchah na'ah
Kid'mut chalom sham mufla'ah.
Utzlil oleh, yored katzuv
Gmalim posim benof atzuv.
Dindan, dindan, ze shir hanoded
Tafof use-et, shatok unedod.
  Right and left, only sand and sand.
The desert turns yellow, without a path.
A caravan passes, moving slowly,
As if a dream image, inconceivable.
A note rises and falls with rhythm.
Camels step in a sad view.
Din don, din don, the song of roving.
You suffer quietly, step and pace.

Yedid Nefesh
        A soul mate

Yedid nefesh av harachman
Meshoch avdecha el retzonecha
Yarutz avdecha kmo ayala
Yishtachave el mul hadarecha
  My soul mate, merciful Father,
Pull me your servant towards you.
Your servant will run like a doe
And bow in front your grace.


Vayehi acharei mot Moshe Bamidbar
Vayikra Elohim liY'hoshua vayomar:
"Kum avor im ha'am et ha'Yarden
El ha'arets asher anochi notem.
Kol makom asher tidroch kaf raglechem
Ka'asher dibarti netativ lachem."
        "Chazak ve'emats ve'al techat
        Ki lecha ha'arets hazot ha'achat."
VaYericho sogeret mipnei bnei Yisrael,
Vayisu hakohanim et keren yayovel.
Veha'am lasov et hachoma yotsim
Uvnei Re'uven veGad chalutsim.
Vayari'a hashofar t'rua gedola
Vechomat Yericho tacheteha nafla.
Vaykabtsu malchei ha'Emori ve'imam
Am rav kachol asher al sfat hayam
Vayavo aleihem Yehoshua pitom
Vayomar be'Givon lashemesh dom.
Vayare'ach amad be'emek Ayalon
Vayanusu malkei Lachish ve'Eglon.
Vayach Yehoshua et melech Dor
Ve'et melech Makeda, ve'et melech Chatsor,
Ve'et melech Adulam, ve'et melech Chevron,
Ve'et melech Achshaf, ve'et melech Shomron,
Ve'et melechf Chorma, ve'et melech Arad,
Kol hamlachim, shloshim ve'echad.
  It came to pass after the death of Moses in the desert
That the Lord called to Joshua and said
"Rise, take the people and cross the Jordan
Into the land which I have given you.
Every place that your footsteps fall,
As I promised, is given to you."
        "Be strong and courageous, and do not fear,
        For this land, this one land, is yours."
Now Jericho secured itself before the children of Israel.
The priests carried the ram’s horn
And the people went out and surrounded the wall
With the tribes of Reuben and Gad in the vanguard.
The shofar trumpeted a mighty blast
And the wall of Jericho collapsed beneath her.
The kings of the Emorites assembled, and brought with them
A multitude as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore.
Joshua came upon them suddenly
and, in Gibeon, said to the sun, "Halt!"
The moon stood still in the valley of Aijalon
And the kings of Lachish and Eglon fled.
Joshua smote the king of Dor
And the king of Makkedah and the king of Hazor
And the king of Adullam and the king of Hebron
And the king of Achshaph and the king of Samaria
And the king of Horma and the king of Arad,
All the thirty-one kings.

        The Lord shall bless thee

Yevarechecha Hashem miTziyon
Ur'e betuv Yerushalayim.
Yevarechecha Hasem miTziyon
Kol yemey, yemey chayecha.
Ur'e banim levaneycha
Shalom al Yisrael.
  The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion
And thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem.
The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion
All the days of your life.
And thou shall see thy children's children,
And peace upon Israel.

Zemer Atik
        Ancient song

Od nshuva el nigun atik
Vehazemer yif yeye'erav
Od gavia meshumar nashik, nashik,
Alizei einayim ulevav.
Tovu, tovu ohaleinu
Ki machol hiftsi'a
Tovu, tovu ohaleinu,
Od nashuva el niguyn atik.
  We will again return to an ancient tune
And the sound will be beautiful and
Pleasant to hear. We'll still kiss the goblet
Filled with ancient wine, with joyful eyes
And hearts. Good our tents,
Because the dance sprouts up.
We will still come back
Again to an ancient song.