Albanian Song Words

Compiled by Dick Oakes

        My shepherdesses

Çobankat moj që shkojnë
Zallit moj çobankat ë.
Shkojnë e tjerrin për djemteë
Malit moj çobankat ë.
        O, liri, liri për djemtë e malit ë.
        Djemtë moj me yllë të kuq mes ballit ë.
        O, moj çobankat ë.
        O, moj të mirat ë.
/ Tirr motër moj të tjerrim
tu bëjmë rroba trimave. /
Tirre trashë o mos e tirr.
Hollë moj mos e tirr moj.
Për trimat që flejnë dë
Borë, o moj në dëbor.
  Oh, my shepherdesses who walk
On stony paths, oh, my shepherdesses.
Go and spin (wool) for the boys
In the mountains (freedom fighers), oh my shepherdesses.
        Oh, freedom, freedom for the boys in the mountains.
        Boys with a red star on their foreheads.
        Oh, you shepherdesses.
        Oh, you good ones.
/ Spin, my sister, spin now
To make clothes for the heroes. /
Spin it thick, not thin.
Do not spin it thin.
For the heroes who sleep
In the snow, oh, the snow.

Moj Hatixhe
        My Hatixhe (a girl's name)

Moj Hatixhe, moj n'shami t'kuqe,
// Ti ngjyn nona moj flokt e kuqe. //
Flokt e kuqe ti shitoft zana.
// A s'po t'dhimen o baba e nona? //
Baba, nona, du vllaznija,
Shkoj te burri o m'rrok pleqnija.
Shkoj te burri, m'rrok pleqnija,
// Për kanaci o m'rrokin o fjija. //
Për kanaci o m'rrokin o fjija,
// Lypin o buken o argashtija. //
Lypen o buken o argashtija.
// Mall i kom o teshat e mira. //
  My Hatixhe with the red scarf,
Your mother will color your hair with henna.
Your hair will be red and charmed by the spirits.
Does it not pain you to leave your mother and father?
Father, mother, two brothers,
I go to my husband and old age comes to me.
I go to my husband and old age comes to me,
And the children hang by my apron.
The children hang by my apron,
And the workers ask for bread.
The workers ask for bread.
How I long to be a bride again.

Ne Bashqe o me Portokalle
        In the garden with the orange trees

// Ne bashqe, o me portokalle, //
// Ku po lozin o ca sorkadhe. //
        // Hajde dil moj neno, cila te pelqen?
        Venja synin mire, zemren ta rrëmben. //
// Ne bashqe, o me rrush te zije, //
// Ku po lozin, o ca te rije. //
  In the garden with orange trees,
The young girls dance.
        Come mother, which one pleases you?
        Take a good look, that she will win your heart.
In the garden with black grapes,
All the young people dance.

Tahir Bega
        A girl's name

Tahir Bega, o me koporane,
// Thuj mi, zogos mori gji po bone. //
Thuj mi zogos mori gji po bone.
// Jam tuj kepe e ni gjemadane. //
Jam tuj kepe e ni gjemadane,
// Jam tuj vuj o sumlla rrogjone. //
  Tahir Bega, oh with your handsome jacket,
Tell me, my bird, what you are doing.
Tell me, my bird, what you are doing.
I am sewing a vest.
I am sewing a vest,
And putting on buttons of cowhorn.