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For my friends and visitors, here are a few links for your enjoyment! If you know of others, let me know. Cheers, Dick Oakes.


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  • Gennetines: Les Grands Bals de l'Europe   On ten dance floors you will be able to discover, dance, learn, or practice many dances of Europe. There may be between 50 and 300 participants in a workshop. Everyone will have their own approach, background, priorities and dreams; everyone should be able to find an appropriate level at which to participate.
  • Macedonian Pearl Folk Seminar   This seminar is held in Struga on the shores of Lake Ohrid in July under the direction of Goran Alacki, master accordionist, and Ljupco Manevski, dance director of Tanec. There are beginning and advanced levels of Macedonian dance and a special choreography class for advanced students. In music, there are teachers of accordion, kaval, gaida, zurla, tapan, darbouka, and clarinet. In addition, there are nightly dance parties, classes in Macedonian language, daily lectures on the costumes, culture,history, and handcrafts of Macedonia. Plus, there is a boat trip with music and singing to see the ancient church of Sveta Naum. Accommodations are in the Hotel Biser at Struga and all dance classes are held in a studio with a wood floor.
1979 San Diego Folk Dance Conference Staff and Committee

1979 San Diego State University Folk Dance Conference
Staff and Teachers




  • California Statewide Festival   Hosted by the Folk Dance Federation of California, South, Inc. and the Folk Dance Federation of California, Inc. Each federation holds the festival on alternating years.
  • California Kolo Festival, Inc.   San Francisco, California. Features the best in Kolo performances from the Bay Area and from afar.
  • Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival   Since 1957, Lithuanian folk dance ensembles from around the globe have gathered approximately every four years in Los Angeles, California.
  • Greek Festival   The annual festival of The Assumption of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Metropolis Cathedral of Denver, Colorado.
  • Greek Festival   The annual festival of Saints Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church of Boulder, Colorado.
  • Laguna Folk Dance Festival   dance workshops with master teachers, dance parties with both live and recorded music, performances, and lots of great food!
  • MadShoe Weekends   Jim Gold's weekends offer "the healing power of a good dance, a good word, a good shoe, and a good laugh."
  • San Antonio Folk Dance Festival   This is the Big One! Held yearly in San Antonio, Texas.
Lithuanian Festival 2008


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  • Balkanarama List   A list of Balkan bands outside the Balkans maintained by Mike Gordon.

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  • Balkanarama   A balkan band led by Mike Gordon.
  • Balkanarama   A Seattle band that plays Balkan party music for their village and beyond and maintains a directory of Balkan bands around the world – add yours!
  • Balkan Cabaret   Formed in 2001 as a collaboration between vocalist Mary Sherhart and the accomplished folk dance band, Nišava, this band hails from Seattle.
  • Tom Bozigian Middle Eastern Orchestra   Tom Bozigian leads a folklore orchestra which has produced numerous recordings.
  • Bratkovich Music   Nick Bratkovich has a nice site. Great accordionist!
  • Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble   A Fresno orchestra that brings you the ancient world of beautiful traditional Armenian music and culture.
  • Ethnic Connection  (David Owens [Director], Ann Arbor, Michigan. A really fantastic group. David was the director of NAMA.)
  • Drómeno  (Christos Govetas and Ruth Hunter lead this Balkan group in Seattle, Washington.)
  • International Folk Sounds   A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based international folk dance band that plays music from Bolivia to the Balkans.
  • John Bilezikjian   John Bilezikjian, from Laguna Hills, Califonria is "America's Oud Virtuoso" and may be the most prominent Oudist of his generation.
  • Lyuti Chushki   Spicy traditional Bulgarian music managed by Larry Weiner with lead vocalist Tzvety Dosseva Weiner.
  • Sherefe   (Pronounced sher-eh-FAY) A group of musicians from the Denver-Boulder area who play music from the Balkans other Eastern European countries.
  • Zagnut Orkestar!   Playing all styles of Balkan and Eastern European music: Albanian, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Roma, Bulgarian, Klezmer.
Ethnic Connection


National Folk Organization


National Folk Organization


National Folk Organization


  • DJPower   Optional video beat mixing interface with 52 video transitions and a host of other features for DJs. Program only. Does not support diacritics.

  • Folkdance Jukebox   This is a laptop computer from Dick Killian with a software program that allows you to program all of your folkdance music. Does not support diacritics.
Folkdance Jukebox

  • MITPlayer   This software by Neil Rosen was originally written for the MIT Folk Dance Club. Program only. Does not support diacritics.
MIT Player

  • Winamp Folk Dance Player   The Winamp Modern Folk Dance Skin has been modified from the standard Winamp Modern Skin to make it easier to use. Program only. Does not support diacritics.
Winamp Modern Folk Dance Skin



    Pomorze Polish Dance Ensemble (Halifax, Nova Scotia)


Hora Romeanasca

    Hora Romaneasca (Boulder, Colorado)



    Syrena Polish Folk Dance Ensemble (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)



    Kilikia Dances for Armenia (Nottingham, England)


  • Pronouncing East European and Balkan Languages   Middletown, Connecticut. Complete pronunciation guides for Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, and Turkish.
  • Pronunciation Guides   Aurora, Colorado. Simple pronunciation guides for Albanian, Austrian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, and Turkish.


  • Folk Dance Scene Folk Dance Scene
  • Folk Dance Federation of California, South, Inc., Los Angeles, California.

  • Footnotes Footnotes
  • Square & Folk Dance Federation of Washington, Yakima, Washington.

  • Let's Dance Let's Dance
  • Folk Dance Federation of California, Inc., San Jose, California.

  • Folk Dancer Ontario Folk Dancer

    Ontario Folk Dance Association, Ontario, Canada.

  • NFO News NFO News
  • National Folk Organization, Provo, Utah.

  • Northwest Folkdancer The Northwest Folkdancer
  • Northwest Folk Dancers Inc., Seattle, Washington.

  • Report to Members Report to Members
  • Society of Folk Dance Historians, Austin, Texas.


  • Dunav Music Scores Dunav Logo

    Dunav, "the sharing place for Balkan music and dance," has many musical scores to accompany the song lyrics in Dunav Song Lyrics, Volume 1, which you can order from their web site ( The scores were transcribed by Lyuben Dossov, Dean of the Department of Music Folklore, Choreogaphy and Fine Arts at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and donated to Dunav to help promote Balkan music and dance.

  • Erik's Music Database
    Zidarsko Horo

    A database of ethnic music transcriptions and discographic data, with emphasis on Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The primary audience is musicians, but the large Balkan discography may also be useful to others, such as, singers, dancers, disc jockeys, researchers, and music lovers generally.

  • The Pinewoods International Collection
    Pinewoods Collection

    Nightshade Productions has released the second edition of the Pinewoods International Collection, with over 400 traditional dance tunes and songs from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, France, England, America, Canada, Israel, and other countries and cultures. The new second edition has been rearranged, redesigned and reset. In addition to all the original material, the volume now includes extensive commentary on the music, rhythm, ornamentation, tonality, improvisation, and regional performance practices, as well as song lyrics and translations.

    Please visit the website to learn more.

  • Richard Geisler's Music Scores
    Richard Geisler

    Richard Geisler self-published 240 scores. His six tune books sold for $25.00 each through the Village & Early Music Society of Grass Valley. Now, thanks to Karen Geisler, her late husband's orginal music scores are available through the Lark in the Morning Library without charge. Mickie and Elizabeth Zekley scanned all 240 scores and dance syllabi into .PDF format. The collections are:

    • THE INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION – Music and lyrics to 55 favorite folk dances from Armenia, the British Isles, Yugoslavia, Bolivia, and several other countries.
    • BALKANALIA – Dance melodies to 40 dance melodies from Bulgaria, Servia, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, and Croatia.
    • THE BULGARIAN COLLECTION – Music and lyrics to 35 favorite Bulgarian folk dances.
    • YUGOSLAV COLLECTION – Music and lyrics to 40 folk dances from Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia.
    • THE EUROPE COLLECTION – Music scores for 35 folk dances and songs from Austria, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.
    • BRITISH ISLES & SCANDINAVIAN COLLECTION – Music and scores for 35 folk dances and songs from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
    • VILLAGE DANCE SYLLABUS – Instructions for 23 dances from the book "Village Dance Music from Around the World."

  • Volksmusik

    An Austrian music teacher, Franz Fuchs, from Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria, keeps a huge collection of usable folk dance notes and scores on line.


  • Chubritza   Arcata, California. The band plays a variety and mixture of international musical tastes and textures, while retaining a Balkan and Eastern European emphasis.
  • Divi Zheni   Divi Zheni performs "unusual songs of love and longing and of war and peace.
  • Kitka   A professional women's vocal ensemble dedicated to producing concerts, recordings, and educational programs of Eastern Europe.
  • Mary Sherhart   Teacher and performer of traditional Balkan voice music.
  • Mila Vocal Ensemble   Mila Vocal Ensemble sings a melodic evening traversing from the steppes of Russia to the mountain tops of Bulgaria.
  • Nevenka   A Los Angeles, California, women's folk chorus performing songs from Eastern Europe.
  • Planina   A group of eight to fourteen singers from the Denver-Boulder area who perform the haunting and beautiful songs of Eastern Europe.
  • Podruzhki   Their songs are about courtship, marriage, rites of passage, and boasting of hometown charms.
  • Rogue World Ensemble   The group believes sharing the musical traditions of our world brings forth the potential for transformation, connection, and peace.
  • Slaveya   A women’s vocal ensemble specializing in East European a cappella folk music.
  • Svitanya   A women's vocal ensemble specializing in Eastern European folk music.
  • Yale Slavic Chorus   The chorus performs traditional folk songs from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


  • Balkan Bazaar   Suze Stentz, Greensboro, North Carolina. A "moving" shop that attends folk dance weekends, camps, and festivals with authentic music, traditional dress and costumes, Cyrillic T-shirts, opanci, books, accessories, jewelry, gifts, and gently pre-owned clothing.
  • Bulgariana   Bulgarian books, instruments, music, and more.
  • Festival Records   The ultimate record source!
  • Folklore Discography   Hundreds of record albums and CDs by region, label, tracks, or artist. Very well done!
  • Romanian Folk Costumes   Romanian blouses and costumes of Romania.
  • Surma Ukrainian Shop   Costume pieces, books, videos, CDs, cassettes, carved wood pieces, more.
Festival Records Logo


  • AnaTours Study Tours in Turkey Anatours Study Tours in Turkey
    Melissa Miller and Dr. Rashid Ergener have together been conducting AnaTours Study Tours in Turkey since 1990. They invite you on a journey to the land of the Great Goddess. Typically, you'll travel through Anatolia, the cradle of numerous civilizations, and of early matrifocal societies, and see Çatal Höyök where the Great Goddess made her first appearance in 6500 BCE. Also see Ephesus and Aphrodisias, Ankara, Troy, and İstanbul.
    < info (at) anatours (dot) com >

  • Armenian Holiday
    Tineke van Geel's Armenian Holiday Tineke van Geel's Armenian Holiday specializes in tours to Armenia. On the tours she attaches great importance to a pleasant balance of travel time, sightseeing, relaxation, and getting to know the real Armenia by using the many contacts she has developed through the years. Tineke speaks Armenian fluently.
    Tineke van Geel
    Hoofdweg 54
    Tel and Fax: +31-521-380382
    < tineke (at) armeniaholiday (dot) com >

  • Balkan Connections
    Folklore and Heritage Tours Nancy Bolt is the State Librarian for Colorado. Nancy, along with Alex Palichev and Iskra Mahailovam, are the sponsors of Balkan Connections, which specializes in trips to Bulgaria, a country called the "undiscovered gem of Europe" because of its beauty and cultural history dating back 7,000 years. All trips include visits to ancient Neolithic and Thracian sites as well as Roman, Greek, and Turkish cultural heritage. The country is beautiful, the people are friendly, the food is tasty, and the shopping terrific. Balkan Connections trips include personal attention and are small enough to add new adventures when the opportunity arises.
    Nancy Bolt, Colorado State Librarian
    201 East Colfax, Denver, Colorado 80203
    303 866 6733 phone
    303 866 6940 fax
    < nancybolt (at) earthlink (dot) net >

  • Delores Crawford's Balkan Folklore Studies Tours Balkan Folklore Study Tours
    Delores Crawford offers tours that are mainly about villages, the architecture which changes from the mountain areas to the plains, the farmers and herders, the craftsmen who still carve wood, make pots, weave textiles, embroider clothing, and especially the people who still enjoy making music, dancing, and celebrating their customs.
    Delores Crawford
    11065 Collinwood Dr.
    Santee, CA 92071-3106
    Tel: (619) 562-5948
    < delcraw4d (at) aol (dot) com >
    (No website)

  • Bulgarian Summer Tours Bulgarian Summer Tours
    Iliana Bozhanova has organized tours in Bulgaria for her friends during the summer to the Koprivštica Folk Festival as well as to Sofia, Plovdiv, Kalipetrovo, Voivodinovo, Varna, Veliko Târnivo, Arbanasi, Kazanlak, Shipka, and Sheravana. Check out her website page for this year's tours.
    Bulgarian Summer Tours
    c/o Iliana Bozhanova
    str. "Asen Hristoforov" 2 ap.63
    4004 Plovdiv, BULGARIA
    < iliana33 (at) hotmail (dot) com >

  • Cultural Folk Tours Bora Ozkok's Cultural Folk Tours Bora Özkök offers tours to Turkey on which will take you to see the Ottoman Military Band in Istanbul, the spiritual Whirling Dervish ceremony in Cappadocia, native folk dancing, a live gypsy orchestra, and much more.
    Bora Özkök
    9920 Scripps Lake Dr., Suite 105
    San Diego, CA 92131
    Tel: (800) 935-8875 or (858) 566-5951
    < tourinfo (at) boraozkok (dot) com >

  • Tineke van Geel's Folk Tours Tineke Van Geel's Tours
    Tineke van Geel has been a folklore dance teacher since 1975 and has studied dance in Armenia. Since 1997 she has organized tours to Armenia, Bali, Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.
    Tineke van Geel
    Hoofdweg 54
    Tel and Fax: +31-521-380382
    < info (at) tinekevangeel (dot) nl >

  • David and Marija Hillis' Dance on the Water Cruises Dance on the Water Cruises
    David & Marija Hillis offer one or more cruises a year for dancers that include evening folk dance sessions and sometimes with afternoon folk dance classes by teachers such as Eser Ayanoglu, Roberto Bagnoli, Irvin and Beverly Barr, Jimmy Drury, Richard Duree, David Edery, Al Gladstone, Denise Heenan, Ercüment Kılıç, Dean and Nancy Linscott, Mars & Sanna Longdon, Dick Oakes, Lee Otterholt, Pat and Hugo Presnall, Mikki Revenaugh, Olga Sandolowich, Burt Scholin, Sheila Sharpe, Alex and Edie Spear, Sandy Starkman, and Marianne Taylor. Some cruises have lectures by professional naturalists, professors, historians, oceanographers, geologists, and anthropologists, as well as dancing with native groups and local folk dance groups in port. Of course, there's always the cruise food that is worth going for in the first place! Destinations have included Alaska and Galapagos / Ecuador.
    David and Marija Hillis
    2147 Parker St.
    Berkeley, CA 94704-2719
    Tel: (510) 459-0092
    Fax: (510) 581-5026
    < folkdanceonthewater (at) gmail (dot) com >

  • Folklore Treasures of Serbia
    Folklore Treasures of Serbia Cheryl Spasojevic leads a two-week tour of adventure in August to the heart of Serbia that includes a three-day folk dance camp, folk festivals, music, ethnographics, folk art, village museums, traditional crafts, village life, celebrations, monasteries, and historical sites.
    Folklore Treasures of Serbia
    c/o Spasojevic
    17626 68th Ave. West
    Edmonds, WA 98026-5636
    After March 2:
    Cheryl Spasojevic
    Selo Vuckovica
    34240 Z.P. Knic
    Serbia, YUGOSLAVIA
    < cspaso (at) eunet (dot) yu >
    (No website)

  • Folktours
    Folktours, Inc. Tayyar Akdeniz, choreographer, performer, musician, and teacher, was born in Kars, Turkey, and raised in Ankara where he began performing as a child, touring with Romany (Gypsy) ensembles. Tayyar learned, performed, and taught hundreds of Turkish folk dances for National folk dance associations in Turkey. His fifth hat is that as a promoter, which he does through Folktours, a corporation that offers educational and entertaining music and dance events in the United States and in Turkey. Their goal is to use music and dance to build bridges between countries and cultures. They want to educate, enlighten and inspire students of all ages, genders, creeds, and ethnic backgrounds. They also provide tours of Turkey with a special emphasis on seeing the sights, learning the history, and experiencing the culture.
    M.E.D. Folk Tours Inc.
    45-54 39th Place Suite 2 C
    Sunnyside, NY 11104
    < info (at) folktours (dot) com >
    Or contact
    Tel: (301) 565-8891 Ext. 3

  • Jim Gold Folk Tours
    Jim Gold International Jim Gold brings his love of people, music, languages, humor, literature, old cultures, and new discoveries to his tours to Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sicily, Israel, Slovakia, and Tunisia. You'll enjoy his small groups, personal attention, visits to villages, festivals, museums, concerts, and folkloric performances. You'll meet people, and dance, sing, dine, and converse with them. And, as you explore their history, art and culture, your perspective will expand.
    Jim Gold Folk Tours
    497 Cumberland Ave.
    Teaneck, NJ 07666-2650
    Tel: (201) 836-0362
    Fax: (201) 836-8307
    < jimgold (at) jimgold (dot) com >

  • Turkish Mystic Cultural Tours
    Turkish Mystic Cultural Tours Latif Bolat knows that the Middle East (and especially Turkey) has been the cradle of many wonderful civilizations over the past the thousand years. From Urartus to Hittites, from Lydians to Ottomans, the land of Anatolia has been hosting wonderful treasures and they are waiting to be discovered. In his tours, Latif gives you a little taste of each culture by visiting monuments, cities, and places that once hosted very elaborate societies.
    Latif Bolat
    Turkish Mystic Cultural Tours
    28 Camino Tetzcoco
    Santa Fe, NM 87508-8913
    Tel: (505) 995-1904
    < lbolat (at) aol (dot) com >


National Folk Organization


One of Naohisha Hamada's many animated folk dance GIFs! Copyright MARUCHOOne of Naohisha Hamada's animated folk dance GIFs! Copyright MARUCHOOne of Naohisha Hamada's animated folk dance GIFs! Copyright MARUCHOOne of Naohisha Hamada's animated folk dance GIFs! Copyright MARUCHOOne of Naohisha Hamada's animated folk dance GIFs! Copyright MARUCHO

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