SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Dani Dassa who choreographed the dance and taught it at the 1970 San Diego State University Folk Dance Conference.
BACKGROUND: This dance was created with militaristic movements in honor of Joshua, one of the great heroes of biblical history. Joshua shared in the hurried triumph of the Exodus, and was chosen by Moses to lead the Israelite attack against Amadek at Rephidim. He was sent to explore the land of Canaan, and captured and destroyed the ancient Canaanite city of Jericho. He was one of the few survivors of the 40-year wanderings. As the appointed successor upon Moses' death, Joshua lead many battles, conquering thirty-one petty chiefs of six tribes. Joshua died at the ripe old age of 110 years, and was buried in his own city, Timnath-scrah.
MUSIC:Israeli Dances (LP) DAN-005
FORMATION:Short lines (6 to 10 dancers) of mixed, or segregated, M and W with:
A. Belt Hold, R arm under; or
B. Front-Basket Hold, R arm under; or
C. Low handhold, joined hands held down in "V" pos (this pos was not originally taught by Dani, but he often danced it this way).
STEPS/STYLE: YEMENITE STEP R: Step R swd (ct 1); step up onto ball of L in back of R (ct &); step R onto full ft down and across in front of L (ct 2).

YEMENITE STEP L: Step L swd (ct 1); step up onto ball of R in back of L (ct &); step L onto full ft down and across in front of R (ct 2).

The two steps above are often simply referred to as "Yemenite R" and "Yemenite L."


1-2INTRODUCTION - No action.
1Facing R in LOD, step R (ct 1); step L (ct 2); turn head sharply to L (ct &); turning body to L in RLOD, step R bwd in LOD (ct 3); step L bwd (ct 4); turn head sharply to R (ct &);
2Turning body to R to face LOD, stamp R twd LOD without wt, body erect (ct 1); bending over, stamp R in place without wt (ct 2); stamp R, taking wt (ct &); straightening up, brush L fwd (ct 3); hop R (ct &); step L fwd (ct 4);
3-4Repeat action of meas 1-2.
5Facing ctr, step R swd with a bounce (ct 1); close L to R with a bounce (ct 2); bounce again (ct &); hop R, raising L in front with partially bent knee (ct 3); step L swd (ct &); close R to L without wt (ct 4).
6Bending fwd, brush R bwd while yelling "hey-y-y-" (ct 1); straightening up, brush R fwd with bent knee and yell "YAH!" (ct 2); stamp R fwd (ct 3); raise R knee fwd with bent knee and pushing up deliberately with toe (ct &); stamp R fwd (ct 4); quickly raise and lower R heel and yell "HEY!" (ct &);
7Lunge R fwd, leaving L touching floor extended bwd (ct 1); scoot R bwd with L remaining extended bwd (ct 2); straightening up, step L behind R, displacing R fwd and extended off floor (ct 3); step R next to L, bringing L up in back with knees together and L knee bent (ct &); stamp L next to R without wt (ct 4);
8Yemenite L (cts 1&2); hop L (ct &); Yemenite R (cts 3&4); hop R (ct &);
9Stamp L slightly fwd (ct 1); touch L heel next to R with L toe pointing twd L as head only turns to face L (ct 2); turning head to face fwd, step L bwd bending fwd slightly (ct 3); step L next to R straightening body (ct 4);
10-11Repeat action of meas 6-7, taking wt on last stamp L.
1Facing ctr, step R, L, R, L twd ctr with bouncy motion (cts 1,2,3,4).
2Moving diag bwd R away from ctr, repeat action of meas 1;
3Dig R heel with toe up across L (ct 1); small leap R swd (ct &); step L across R (ct 2); repeat action of cts 1&2 (cts 3&4);
4Step R swd, leaving L in place (ct 1); rock L swd, leaving R in place (ct &); rock R swd (ct 2); hop R, bringing raised bent L knee in front of R (ct &); step L across R (ct 3); step R swd (ct &); step L next to R (ct 4).
5Repeat action of Fig I, meas 5.
6-11Repeat action of Fig I, meas 6-11.
 Repeat the entire dance from beg one more time.
 Repeat Fig I, meas 1, and meas 2 (ct 1 only), holding pose for several seconds.


Vayehi acharei mot Moshe Bamidbar
Vayikra Elohim liY'hoshua vayomar:
"Kum avor im ha'am et ha'Yarden
El ha'arets asher anochi notem.
Kol makom asher tidroch kaf raglechem
Ka'asher dibarti netativ lachem."
        "Chazak ve'emats ve'al techat
        Ki lecha ha'arets hazot ha'achat."
VaYericho sogeret mipnei bnei Yisrael,
Vayisu hakohanim et keren yayovel.
Veha'am lasov et hachoma yotsim
Uvnei Re'uven veGad chalutsim.
Vayari'a hashofar t'rua gedola
Vechomat Yericho tacheteha nafla.
Vaykabtsu malchei ha'Emori ve'imam
Am rav kachol asher al sfat hayam
Vayavo aleihem Yehoshua pitom
Vayomar be'Givon lashemesh dom.
Vayare'ach amad be'emek Ayalon
Vayanusu malkei Lachish ve'Eglon.
Vayach Yehoshua et melech Dor
Ve'et melech Makeda, ve'et melech Chatsor,
Ve'et melech Adulam, ve'et melech Chevron,
Ve'et melech Achshaf, ve'et melech Shomron,
Ve'et melechf Chorma, ve'et melech Arad,
Kol hamlachim, shloshim ve'echad.
  It came to pass after the death of Moses in the desert
That the Lord called to Joshua and said
"Rise, take the people and cross the Jordan
Into the land which I have given you.
Every place that your footsteps fall,
As I promised, is given to you."
        "Be strong and courageous, and do not fear,
        For this land, this one land, is yours."
Now Jericho secured itself before the children of Israel.
The priests carried the ram’s horn
And the people went out and surrounded the wall
With the tribes of Reuben and Gad in the vanguard.
The shofar trumpeted a mighty blast
And the wall of Jericho collapsed beneath her.
The kings of the Emorites assembled, and brought with them
A multitude as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore.
Joshua came upon them suddenly
and, in Gibeon, said to the sun, "Halt!"
The moon stood still in the valley of Aijalon
And the kings of Lachish and Eglon fled.
Joshua smote the king of Dor
And the king of Makkedah and the king of Hazor
And the king of Adullam and the king of Hebron
And the king of Achshaph and the king of Samaria
And the king of Horma and the king of Arad,
All the thirty-one kings.

Copyright © 2012 by Dick Oakes