TRANSLATION: Dance from Vranje
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Anatol Joukowsky who learned this dance, a version of Vranjanka, in Serbia and presented at the 1963 Santa Barbara Folk Dance Conference. It is described in The Teaching of Ethnic Dance by Anatol Joukowsky, J. Lowell Pratt and Company, New York, New York, 1965.
BACKGROUND: The dance comes from the Vranje area of southern Serbia and seems to have some Turkish influence. Vranje is a city and municipality located in southern Serbia. Its name stems from the old word for "black" ("vran") in the Serbian language. The city has traditional Balkan architecture as well as Ottoman. The well-known theater play “Koštana” by Bora Stanković is placed in Vranje. Vranje is famous for its popular, old music, lively and melancholic at the same time.
MUSIC:XOPO (45rpm) 314-A
FORMATION:Open cir of mixed M and W with hands joined and held at shldr level in "W" pos, arms gently curved. Leader may flourish a handkerchief in R hand.
STEPS/STYLE: Steps are light but controlled.


1-16No action.
1Step R to R (ct 1), rise on R (ct 2), step L across in front of R (ct 3),
2Step R swd (ct 1), step L swd (ct 2), step R across in front of L (ct 3),
3Step L to L with flex of L knee, turning body slightly to R (ct 1), shifting R so heel is twd L ankle, flex both knees (ct 2), flex knees again (ct 3),
4Step R in place with flex of R knee, turning body slightly to L (ct 1), shifting L so heel is twd R ankle, flex both knees (ct 2), flex knees again (ct 3),
5Step L beside R (ct 1), step R in place or slightly back (ct 2), step L in place (ct 3).
5M only: Step L next to R (ct 1), bend R leg with R knee turned to R while bringing lower R L behind L calf (ct 2), pause (ct 3).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.
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