TRANSLATION: Dance with small shaking
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Dennis Boxell who learned it from the Jugoslav Dance Group in England in 1961. Dennis presented it at the 1962 California Kolo Festival.
BACKGROUND: This is a Vlach dance. Romanians and Serbs live together in East Serbia and, like everything else in former Yugoslavia, customs and dances of these two nations are mixed. This mountainous region has many water sources. On the summits of the mountains of Homolje or Kucaj folks like to take long hikes. A particular phenomenon is that there are at least 15 caves open to the public.
MUSIC:XOPO (45rpm) X-312
Slavjani Records (45rpm) SLA 1003
FORMATION:Open lines of mixed M and W holding neighbors' belts in "X" pos, R arm under, free hand just behind hip for end dancers. If belt hold cannot be used, join hands low in "V" pos.
STEPS/STYLE: RUNNING THREES: Three small running steps (cts 1,&,2). Feet are kept close to floor. Running Threes may be used to travel fwd or bwd and are always very small.

THREES: Same as Running Threes but danced in place.

SCISSORS STEP: Small leap in place onto L thrusting R fwd (ct 1); small leap onto R thrusting L fwd (ct 2). Thrust ft is kept low to floor.

HOP: This is actually a low hop (or "lift") where the ball of the ft does not leave the floor.

As with other dances from the very eastern part of Serbia, this one is danced largely flat-footed. The steps are small and close to the ground. Romanian Vlachs used to believe that tiny steps could drive out the spirits of the earth, so the small, quick steps may represent the most interesting part of this dance.


 INTRODUCTION - None. Dancers may start at any meas.
1Facing sightly diag R, step fwd on R heel (ct 1); close L to R taking wt and bending knee slightly (ct 2);
2Repeat action of meas 1.
3-4Continuing in LOD, dance two Running Threes;
5-6Gradually curving twd ctr, dance two Running Threes;
7-8Moving bwd out of ctr, dance two Running Threes;
9-11In place, dance three Threes in place;
12Low hop R (ct 1); step L slightly swd (ct &); close R to L, taking wt (ct 2);
13Repeat action of meas 12;
14Starting L, dance one Scissor Step in place;
15Dance one Threes in place;
16-17Repeat action of meas 14-15 with opp ftwk and end facing slight diag R;
18Facing slightly diag R, bending at waist and watching ft, stamp L flat on floor next to R (ct 1); stamp L again but with toe pointed to L twd ctr, standing upright (ct 2);
19Dance one Threes in place turning to face slightly diag L;
20-21Repeat action of meas 18-19 with opp ftwk;
22-23Repeat action of meas 18-19;
24Facing diag L, large step R across in front of L (ct 1); large step L (ct 2);
25Large step R across in front of L (ct 1); rise on R and swing L across in front of R, turning to face diag R (ct 2);
26-27Repeat action of meas 24-25 with opp ftwk;
28-31Repeat action of meas 24-27 with low hop on L at end of meas 31 (ct &).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.
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