TRANSLATION: The twirler
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Vyts Beliajus, a Lithuanian immigrant who has been called the "Father of Folk Dancing in the United States," who taught this dance to folk dancers in the United States.
BACKGROUND: One way Lithuanians have been able to preserve their national identity, in other words their culture, is through their dances, such as Suktinis. Suktinis is considered one of the oldest dances in Lithuania. At one time, Suktinis was so popular it was considered the Lithuanian "national dance."
MUSIC:Folkraft (LP) LP-35, "Viltis Lithuanian Folk Dances," side B, band 5.
FORMATION:Cpls facing CCW in LOD, W on M R, M R arm around W waist and L handholding her L hand in front of his chest; M L elbow at shldr height, W R handholding her skirt.
STEPS/STYLE: SUKTINIS POLKA STEP: With wt on L, hop on L ft, kicking R ft slightly fwd (ct uh); step R fwd (ct 1); step L fwd (ct &); step R fwd (ct 2). Repeat is with opp ftwk.

SKIP: Step L (ct 1); low, scooting hop L (ct &); repeat action of cts 1& with opp ftwk (cts 2&).



1-7Dance 7 Suktinis Polka Steps CW in LOD;
8Stamp L,R,L in place, taking wt (cts 1,&,2);
9-11Skip 6 times, turning CCW in place with M moving bwd and W moving fwd;
12Dancing 2 Skip steps, W move swd to L under M L arm to end with his L arm across her chest and her R arm around his waist, M R hand on top;
13-15Skip 6 times, turning CCW in place with W moving bwd and M moving fwd;
16Dancing 2 Skip steps, M move swd to L under W L arm to end with her L arm across his chest and his R arm around her waist to end in orig "Formation" pos.
 Repeat entire dance from beg.

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