TRANSLATION: Idle or lazy Robin (a man's first name)
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned the dance from Vyts Beliajus. Lois Blake, a founding member of Cymdeithas Ddawns Werin Cymru (Welsh Folk Dance Society), devised the non-partner version of this dance to an old Welsh tune in the 1940s. Michael and Mary Ann Herman introduced Blake's version around 1952.
BACKGROUND: Wales (Welsh: Cymru) is one of the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom. Wales is located in the south-west of Great Britain and is bordered by the English counties of Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire to the east, the Bristol Channel to the south, St George's Channel to the southwest, and the Irish Sea to the west and north. There are actually no known line dances in Wales.
MUSIC: Folkraft (45rpm) 1573x45
RCA Victor (LP) HMV-9892
Folkdance Underground (LP) F.U. 5-B
FORMATION: Cir of mixed M and W, hands joined and held down in a "V" position.


1-2 2 meas, no action.
1-2 Facing to R, run 7 steps starting R. On 8th count, face quickly to ctr and step L to ctr.
3 Releasing hand hold, turn individually in place CW with four running steps to end facing ctr.
4 Stamp R taking wt (ct 1); hold (ct &); stamp L taking wt momentarily (ct ah); stamp R taking full wt (ct 2); hold (ct &); stamp L taking wt momentarily (ct ah); stamp R taking full wt (ct 3); hold (ct &); stamp L taking full wt (ct 4); hold (ct &). This creates a syncopated stamping sequence: R--LR--LR---L---
5 Taking handhold again, step swd R (ct 1); swing L across R (ct 2); step swd L (ct 3); swing R across L (ct 4).
6 Repeat meas 5 (step-swings).
7 Repeat meas 4 (stamping sequence).
  Repeat entire dance from beg.

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