PRONUNCIATION: roh-AH-tah deen bih-HOHR
TRANSLATION: Wheel from Bihor
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Mihai David who learned it when he was with his brother, Alexandru, in the Romanian State Folk Ensemble during the years 1963 to 1965.
BACKGROUND: The dance is from Bihor Judeţ (Judeţ means county) in the the mountains of the northwestern region of Transylvania, which shares dance forms with other regions of Transylvania. Near the town of Nucet, the area is dominated Cucurbăta Mare, a 6,066-foot (1,849-meter) peak in the Munţii Bihorului (Bihor mountain massif).
MUSIC:Gypsy Camp Vol. II (LP) GC 5201-II.
FORMATION:Closed cir of mixed M and W with hands on near shldrs of neighbors in "T" pos.
STEPS/STYLE: Light and happy.


1Low, soft hop L (ct 1); touch R heel fwd (ct 2); twisting heels to R, close R to L (ct 3); twist heels to L, retaining wt on R (ct 4);
2Repeat action of meas 1 with opp ftwk;
3-24Repeat action of meas 1-2 eleven more times.
1Facing ctr but twisting hips slightly on the leaps, leap L (ct 1); stamp R next to L (ct 2); leap R (ct 3); stamp L next to R (ct 4);
2Leap L (ct 1); swinging straight R leg across L, step R across and to L of L ft, "embracing" the L ft (ct 2); step L in place (ct 3); step R swd (ct 4);
3Leap L (ct 1); stamp R next to L (ct 2); leap R (ct 3); stamp L next to R (ct 4);
4Step L swd (ct 1); swing straight R leg fwd and around to side (ct 2); low hop L (ct 3); step R in back of L (ct 4);
5-24Repeat action of Fig II, meas 1-4, five more times.
 Repeat entire dance from beg.

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