TRANSLATION: Naze is a girl's name, so roughly translated, this is "Hey, Naze."
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Tom Bozigian who learned it at the Institute of Ethnology of the University of Yerevan from researcher Zhenya Khachturyan in June, 1975, and subsequently taught it at the 1976 University of California at Santa Barbara Symposium.
BACKGROUND: During Tom's dance studies in Armenia (1972-75), he spent time with the famous singer Hovaness Badalian who taught him this Kurdish Armenian dance named after a girl "Naze." Badalian grew up with Kurds in Tehran, Iran, and spoke their language. The State University of Armenia (subsequently renamed Yerevan State University) was founded on May 16, 1919. During its eighty years of operation, more than eighty-four thousand students have graduated from the University, six hundred twenty-nine of whom were from abroad.
MUSIC:Dances of the Armenian People (LP) GT 3001, Side 2, Band 2.
FORMATION:Lines of mixed M and W with joined hands held down in "V" pos, facing ctr.
STEPS/STYLE: The steps are danced light-heartedly.


1-10INTRODUCTION - 10 meas instrumental.
1Step R swd, swinging arms bwd (ct 1); step L next to R, swinging arms fwd (ct 2);
2Repeat action of meas 1.
3Step R swd, swinging arms bwd (ct 1); step L across in back of R, bending L knee and raising hands to shldr height (ct 2);
4Step R swd (ct 1); touch ball of L next to R (ct 2).
5Pivoting to face R in LOD, step L swd twd ctr, bending L knee and bringing L hand to small of own back (ct 1); bounce twice on L (cts 2, &);
6Turning 1/4 turn CW, step R directly out of ctr, releasing hands (ct 1); continuing 1/4 turn CW to face RLOD, step L and clap hands at chest level (ct 2); step R in RLOD as hands remain at chest level clasped together (ct &).
7Step L to L, swinging arms down and back and rejoining handhold with neighbors (ct 1); touch ball of R next to L, bringing joined hands up to shldr height (ct 2);
8Step R across in front of L, moving hands to R from the elbows (ct 1); facing ctr, step L swd, moving hands to L from the elbows (ct 2).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.

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