TRANSLATION: Neda lost her bracelet. Named after the song "Neda grivne izgubula."
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Dick Crum who learned it in Yugoslavia during 1952 and subsequently taught it at the 1958 University of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp (now Stockton Folk Dance Camp). It was also taught by John Filcich at the 1962 Stockton Folk Dance Camp and by Michael and Mary Ann Herman.
BACKGROUND: The dance was taught to Dick Crum by native dancers in Beograd (Belgrade), then the capitol city of Yugoslavia. Kolos (circle dances), such as Neda Grivne, may still be seen in the villages on Sundays, Saint's Days, and National Days, while in the larger cities, such as Beograd, they are still danced at events celebrating a birth, a courtship or betrothal, a wedding, or a Slava (family Saint's Day feast).
MUSIC: Folk Dancer (45rpm) MH-1015
FORMATION:Closed or open cir, joined hands held at shldr level, with rounded and held fwd as if holding a barrel.
STEPS/STYLE: Walking steps are done calmly and gracefully, with a very slight flex of the knees on each beat of music.


1Facing slightly R, walk R (ct 1); walk L (ct 2).
2-3Repeat action of meas 1 two more times.
4Turning to face ctr, step one more step in LOD (ct 1); close L to R without wt (ct 2).
5Walk L twd ctr (ct 1); bend knees slightly (ct 2).
6Walk R twd ctr (ct 1); bend knees slightly (ct 2).
7With quick steps, step L bwd (ct 1); step R bwd (ct 2).
8Step L bwd (ct 1); pause (ct 2).
9Step R swd, leading slightly with R heel (ct 1); close L to R without wt (ct 2).
10Step L swd, leading slightly with L heel (ct 1); close R to L without wt (ct 2).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.

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