TRANSLATION: Young woman
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Atanas Kolarovski who introduced it to folk dancers in the United States in the late 1960s.
BACKGROUND: Maloj Mome is from the area around Kumanovo, about 35 kilometers northeast of Skopje, Yugoslavia. The dance can be seen at weddings, holidays, and other special occasions. Kumanovo is situated in the northeastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, near the capital city of Skopje. Kumanovo is surrounded by the Karadag part of Skopska Crna Gora mountain on its western side, Gradishtanska planina mountain on its southern side, and Mangovica and German mountain on the eastern side. Kumanovo has a temperate climate. The area boasts several prehistoric settlements, among which are the Kostoperska karpa, the Bronze Age Gradište near the village of Pelince, the Neolithic site of Mlado Nagoričane, the Iron Age tumulus Groblje at Vojnik, the Roman Necropolis Drezga of Lopate, and the Roman Settlement Vicianus at village of Klečovce.
MUSIC:Festival Records (45 rpm) FR-4015
Radio-Televizije Beograd (10" LP) LP 029
FORMATION:Open cir of mixed M and W with joined hands held down in "V" pos. May also be danced in belt hold, especially when men only are dancing together, with R arm under ("X" pos). Leader at R end of the line may flourish a handkerchief in R hand.
STEPS/STYLE: LIFT: A low hop in which the ball of the ft does not leave the floor.


 INTRODUCTION - (Instrumental)
1-8No action (or start at any meas beg with R and moving CCW to R in LOD walk 2 steps per meas).
9-14Starting R and moving CCW in LOD take 12 walking steps, 1 per ct;
15Step R (ct 1); Lift on R (ct 2);
16Step RLR (cts 1&2).
I. MOVING R, L (Vocal)
1Lift on L extending R heel fwd on floor (ct 1); roll from heel onto flat R (ct &); step L (ct 2);
2Step RLR (cts 1&2);
3-4Repeat action of meas 1-2 with opp ftwk;
5Turning to face ctr, Lift on L as R kicks fwd (ct 1); leap onto R next to L bringing bent L knee up in front (ct 2);
6Step RLR in place (cts 1&2);
7Jump on both slightly apart with wt predominately on L (ct 1); hop L in place bringing R in back of L calf with R knee out (ct 2);
8Turning to face CW to L in RLOD, step RL (cts 1&); step R in RLOD (ct 2).
9-15Repeat action of meas 1-7 CW to L in RLOD with opp ftwk;
16Repeat action of meas 8 except that instead of turning to face LOD end facing ctr.
II. TO CTR, OUT (Instrumental)
1Leaning slightly fwd at hips, hands extended fwd from shldrs with elbows relaxed and moving twd ctr step R fwd in front of L (ct 1); step L just behind R heel (ct &); step fwd R (ct 2);
2Repeat action of meas 1 with opp ftwk;
3-4Repeat action of meas 1-2;
5Straightening body with hands naturally coming to sides, Lift on L as R kicks fwd (ct 1); leap R next to L bringing bent L knee up in front (ct 2);
6Step LRL in place (cts 1&2);
7Moving bwd, twizzle back onto R with R heel slightly out and L heel angled twd R toe (ct 1); twizzle back onto L with L heel slightly out and R heel angled twd L toe (ct 2);
8Hop L (ct 1); turning to face LOD, step slightly bwd R (ct &); step L across in front of R in LOD (ct 2).
 Repeat dance from Fig I.

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