Koga me Mama Rodila


PRONUNCIATION: koh-GAH meh MAH-mah roh_DEE-lah
TRANSLATION: When mother gave birth to me
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Yves Moreau of Montreal, Québec in 2015.
BACKGROUND: Koga me Mama Rodila is a basic Pravo Trakijsko dance variation from Trakia adapted by Yves Moreau to the well-known urban folk song of the same name. Yves presented the dance at the 2004 Stockton Folk Dance Camp, the 2015 California Statewide Festival, and the 2015 Mendocino Folklore Camp. Topographically, Thrace alternates between mountain-enclosed basins of varying size and deeply cut river valleys. A wide plateau extends southward from the Rhodope Mountains and separates the lowlands along the Maritsa River from the plains of western Thrace. A Mediterranean climate prevails in southern Thrace and is modified by continental influences in the Rhodope Mountains. About one-fourth of Thrace lies in Turkey, about one-tenth in Greece, and the remainder in Bulgaria.
MUSIC: Bulgarian Folk Dances Vol. 5, Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2004, Band 10.
Yves Moreau CD, FB-007.
Bulgarian Folk Dances, CD, SW-215
Sheet music:
Sheet music:
FORMATION: Mixed lines with hands joined up in W pos, facing ctr with wt on L. It was previously taught with hands down in V pos.
STEPS/STYLE: Earthy with proud steps.


  No action during a long improvised tambura solo.
1 Facing ctr, step fwd R (ct 1); step L in front of R (ct 2).
2 Step fwd R (ct 1); lift L slightly low in front (ct 2).
3 Step fwd L (ct 1); lift R slightly low in front (ct 2).
4 Step R bwd (ct 1); step L bwd (ct 2).
5 Sway swd R on R (ct 1); pause (ct 2).
6 Sway swd L on L (ct 1); pause (ct 2).
7 Large step R swd to R (ct 1); step L across in back of R (ct 2).
8 Step R in place (ct 1); lift L low in front (ct 2).
9 Step L fwd to ctr (ct 1); R leg moves out and fwd in a circular motion (ct 2).
10 Close R to L, bending body slightly fwd at waist (ct 1); pause (ct 2).
  Repeat entire dance from beg.
  NOTE: In meas 10 on last repetition, close R to L, bending slightly fwd at waist and extending arms fwd and dn (ct 1); pause (ct 2).

Koga me Mama Rodila
Bulgaria – Trakia

/ Koga me mama rodila, (lele) /
/ V Kalofer se e slučilo, (lele). /
/ Zatuj običam Balkana, (lele) /
/ Balkana i Jumrikčala, (lele).
/ Prâskaloto i Džendema, (lele) /
/ Raja i ošte kupena, (lele). /
/ Potoci bujni penlivi, (lele) /
/ I vodoskoci igrivi, (lele). /
When my mother gave me birth (oh my),
This happened in the town of Kalofer (oh my).
That's why I love the Balkan mountain (oh my).
The Balkan and Jumručai peaks (oh my).
The waterfall and the gorge for Pruskaloto and Džendema (oh my),
The Heaven and Kupena peak (oh my).
Springs, gushing and bubbling (oh my),
And playful cascades (oh my).

Copyright © 2015 by Dick Oakes