TRANSLATION: Dance from Drama
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Marcus (Holt) Moskoff who learned it from Mitko Manoff of the State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dance of Sofia, Bulgaria.
BACKGROUND: The town of Drama is in the eastern Thracian area of Greece. Drama has excellent water resources and may well owe its name to Hydrama (Greek: "having to do with water"), a town which it is believed stood on the same site in ancient times.
MUSIC:XOPO (LP) X-LP-5, side B, band 6
FORMATION:Segregated lines of M and W. M grasp shldrs of neighbors in "T" pos, W hold joined hands at shldr level with elbows bent in "W" pos.
METER/RHYTHM: 7/16. The rhythm is slow-quick-quick (3-2-2) and is counted below in three dancers' counts. This is sometimes referred to as the "četvorno" rhythm.
STEPS/STYLE: The term "hop" used in these descriptions is a low raising and lowering of the heel only (called a "čukče").


1-8No action.
1Facing diag R and moving in LOD, step R (ct 1); hop R, lifting L across in front of L (ct 2); step L across in front of R (ct 3);
2Repeat action of meas 1;
3Facing ctr, step R swd (ct 1); step L next to R (ct 2); step R next to L (ct 3);
4Repeat action of meas 3 to L with opp ftwk;
5Step bwd R (ct 1); step L in place (ct 2); pause (ct 3);
6-8Facing ctr and moving twd ctr, repeat action of meas 1-3;
9-10Repeat action of meas 6-7 moving bwd with opp ftwk;
11Step bwd L (ct 1); step R in place (ct 2); pause (ct 3);
12Step L next to R (ct 1); hop L, lifting R up in a bwd "bicycle" motion (ct 2); stamp R next to L without wt (ct 3).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.

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