TRANSLATION: The flinger
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Gretel Dunsing. Jane Farwell introduced the dance to folk dancers in the United States.
BACKGROUND: Der Schlederer, or Der Schleuderer, is from the Austrian Tirol between Innsburck and Salzburg. "The flinger" refers to the flinging of a partner's hand out and in. Jane Farwell learned the dance in the winter of 1957-58 in the Harz mountain area of Germany around the town of Braunlage from an Austrian dance leader and resarcher. Tirol, also spelled Tyrol, is a "Bundesland" (federal state) in western Austria, consisting of North Tirol (Nordtirol) and East Tirol (Osttirol). It is bounded by Germany on the north, by Salzburg on the east, by Vorarlberg on the west, and by Italy on the south. The Tiol is wholly Alpine in character.
MUSIC:Tanz (45rpm) SP 23068;
Tanz (EP) EP 58615.
FORMATION:Cpls in Open pos, M R hand joined with W L, free hand on hip, facing CCW around the floor in LOD in one or more cir.
STEPS/STYLE: TWO-STEP: Step L (ct 1); close R to L, taking wt (ct &); step L (ct 2); pause (ct &). The repeat is with the opp ftwk.

PIVOT (Dreher): Step L (ct 1); step R (ct 2). Drehers are flat-footed pivot steps, L around but close to outside of ptrs R, R between ptrs feet, with no bobbing up and down, making 1/2 turn each step.

Step descriptions are for M; W use opp ftwk.


1-8Walk 16 steps in LOD, beg M L, WR.
1Releasing hands and putting them on own hips, dance one Two-Step diag fwd away from ptr (M twd inside of cir, W twd outside);
2Dance one Two-Step diag fwd twd ptr;
3-4Taking ptr in Closed social dance pos, dance 4 Pivot steps, turning CW and progressing in LOD.
5Repeat action of meas 1, except that W don't progress as far;
6W turn twd M in back and with M advancing twd new ptr, repeat action of meas 2;
7-8Repeat action of meas 3-4 with new ptr.
1-8Walk 16 steps in LOD, beg M L, W R.
1Taking Closed social dance pos, M with back to ctr, beg M L and W R, dance one step swd in LOD (ct 1); close free ft without wt (ct 2);
2Repeat action of meas 1 in RLOD with opp ftwk;
3-4Dance 4 Pivot steps, turning CW and progressing in LOD;
5M walk 2 steps in LOD, turning W under raised L hand, while W dances 2 more Pivot steps under the arch, ending to face ptr with M back to ctr;
6Fling joined hands out-in-out-pause with elbows bent;
7Clap own thighs, own hands, own thighs (cts 1,&,2); pause (ct &);
8Clap ptrs hands straight across three times (cts 1,&,2); pause (ct &).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.

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