TRANSLATION: Ciulin in Romanian means thistle or tumbleweed, so ciuleandra means something like "the tumbleweed dance," possibly derived from the increase in tempo toward the the end of the music.
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Mihai David who learned this version of Ciuleandra during 1963-65 while dancing with the Romanian State Folk Dance Ensemble during the years 1963 to 1965 and subsequently taught it to folk dancers in Los Angeles, California, in 1972. Larisa Lucaci taught a variant at the 1966 Santa Barbara Folk Dance Conference and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz taught a variant at Stockton Folk Dance Camp in 1971.
BACKGROUND: The ethnographic region of Oltenia is green and mountainous and has some of southeastern Romania's oldest surviving artifacts, edifices, and folklore, with little Turkish, Russian, or Greek influence. Oltenia, also called Lesser Wallachia, with the alternate Latin names Wallachia Minor, Wallachia Alutana, Wallachia Caesarea in use between 1718 and 1739, is a historical province and geographical region of Romania, in western Wallachia. It is situated between the Danube, the Southern Carpathians and the Olt river (although counties in the east extend beyond the river in Muntenia in some areas).
MUSIC:The Lark (7"EP) FLDR-A
Monitor (LP) MF 439
Electrecord (LP) EPD 103
FORMATION:Open cir of mixed M and W with hands on neighbors' shldrs in "T" pos, end dancers may have hands on hips, leader at R.
METER/RHYTHM: 4/4. The music gradualy increases in tempo.
STEPS/STYLE: As the tempo increases in Fig I, the size of the steps become smaller. Dancers should avoid looking from side to side during meas 1-2 of Fig I.


1-8No action, although dancers sometimes sway slightly from ft to ft.
1Step R swd, leaving L in place and bending knees with wt completely over R (ct 1); leaving L in place, raise on ball of R while straightening L knee (ct &); lower R heel, bending R knee slightly (ct 2); raise on ball of R as wt begins to shift to L (ct &); shift wt to L, leaving R in place and bending knees with wt completely over L (ct 3); raise on ball of L while straightening R knee (ct &); lower L heel and bend L knee slightly (ct 4); raise on ball of L as wt begins to shift to R (ct &).
2Repeat action of meas 1.
3Step slightly diag fwd to R on R heel (ct 1); close L to R, bending knees slightly and taking wt onto full R ft (ct 2); step slightly diag fwd to L on L heel (ct 3); close R to L, bending knees slightly and taking wt onto full L ft (ct 4);
4Step R swd (ct 1); raise L leg fwd with L knee bent and L ft relaxed (ct 2); facing slightly diag L, step to L on L heel (ct 3); stamp R next to L lightly without wt (ct 4).
 Dancers may join in with the vocalist during meas 4 with "HOHP shah-SHAH shah-SHAH."
5Step R across in front of L (ct 1); step L swd (ct 2); step R in back of L (ct 3); step L to L (ct 4);
6-7Repeat action of meas 5 two more times;
8Step R across in front of L (ct 1) step L swd (ct 2); close R to L without wt (ct 3); pause (ct 4).
9-56Repeat action of meas 1-8 six more times as the music increases in tempo.
1-2Step R swd (ct 1); step L in back of R (ct 2); repeat action of cts 1-2 three more times except that on ct 4 of meas 2 stamp L next to R.
3-4Repeat action of meas 1-2 to L with opp ftwk.
5-8Repeat action of meas 1-4.
9Small leap R swd (ct 1); stamp L next to R without wt (ct 2); small leap L swd (ct 3); stamp R next to L without wt (ct 4);
10Step R swd (ct 1); step L in back of R (ct 2); step R swd (ct 3); stamp L next to R (ct 4).
11-12Repeat action of meas 9-10 to L with opp ftwk.
13-16Repeat action of meas 9-12.
17-32Repeat action of meas 1-16.
33-42Repeat action of meas 1-8.


Foaie verde şi pinoc
Ţine-ţi ciuleandra pe loc.
        Şi-nc-odată, măi băieţi,
        Hooooop ş'aşa, ş'aşa.
Tineţi-o, flăcăi, aşa
Pînă n-ajunge puica.
Întăriţi-o liţă lus
C-ajunge acuş, acuş.
Mai întăriţi-o de un pas
C-ajuns şi n-a rămas.
Două fire, două paie
Lauţi ciuleandra la bătaie.
Tot aşa că nu mă las
Că sînt cu puica de-un pas.
Două fire, două paie
Lauţi ciuleandra la bătaie.
  Green leaves and pine,
Do the dance in place!
        And once again, my boys,
        Oooh, like this, like this.
Keep it like this boys, like this
Until your little chick (girl) catches up.
Dance harder now,
For she will catch up soon, soon.
Dance still harder with each step,
For she has arrived and will not rest.
Two strands, two straws,
Take ciuleandra in stamps.
Keep it up like this,
For I'm in step with my chick.
Two strands, two staws,
We'll take it up to tempo.
Foaie verde opens many songs and is meaningless;
Puica (little chicken) is an endearing nickname for a girl.


Copyright © 2012 by Dick Oakes