TRANSLATION: Black cherry
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned Čerešna from Rubi Vučeta, a prominent Balkan dance leader and teacher in the 1950s and 1960s in the Los Angeles, California, area.
BACKGROUND: Rickey Holden originally described this dance for Folkraft Records. It is a fourteen-count, single-figure oro. Čerešna is a Macedonian wedding dance. The song tells about a cherry tree that is pulled from its roots. The daughter, who asks her mother's forgiveness, is seprarated from her, and will now obey her in-laws.
MUSIC:Folkraft (45rpm) 1531x45
FORMATION:Open cir of mixed M and W with hands joined and held at shldr level in "W" pos. Originally, the dance was danced in segregated lines with hands on neighbors' nearest shldrs.
STEPS/STYLE: The style is low-key and relaxed.


1Facing ctr, point R toe downward across L;
2-5Facing diag to R in RLOD, walk four steps to R (R,L,R,L);
6Facing ctr, step R swd;
7Lift L in front with bent L knee;
8Step L in place;
9Touch R heel diag to R;
10Step R in place;
11Touch L heel diag to L;
12-14Facing diag R, walk three steps diag bwd to L (L,R,L).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.


/ Čerešna se od koren korneše
Moma se od majka deleše. /
/ Proštevaj, majko, proševaj,
Ako sum ti nešto zgrešila. /
/ Do sega sum tebe slušala
Od sega ḱ slušam svekrva. /
/Od sega ḱe slušam svekrva
Deveri, dzolvi, jatrvi. /
  The cherry tree is pulled from its roots,
The daughter is separated from her mother.
Forgive me, Mother, forgive me,
If I've done you any wrong.
Until now I've obeyed you,
From now on I'll obey my mother-in-law.
From now on I'll obey my mother-in-law,
Brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law.

Copyright © 2012 by Dick Oakes