PRONUNCIATION: BREH deh-VOY-cheh – pohd OH-nah.
TRANSLATION: Oh you girl! – Forest's edge.
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Bora Gajicki, a native Serbian, who introduced it to folk dancers in the United States at the 1976 Stockton Folk Dance Camp
BACKGROUND: Bre Devojče was choreographed by Olga Skovran, director of Ensemble KOLO. It was part of the Prizren Suite when Mr. Gajicki was the ensemble's lead dancer. The second melody is "Pod Ona, Mori, Pod Ona...," which refers to the fringe of a forest.
MUSIC:Borino Kolo Folk Ensemble (LP) BK-576.
FORMATION:Mixed lines of M and W with joined hands held at shldr height in "W" pos. The dance was originally danced in segregated lines of M and W.
STEPS/STYLE: The M dance with strong movements. The W have smoother movements, and their dance steps are closer to the floor. Arm movements throughout both figures are: Move elbows in slight down-up action during meas 1-2; move arms from elbows to R (ct 1) and to L (ct 2) during meas 3.


1-8No action.
1Step R swd (ct 1); bounce on R lifting L heel in back (ct 2);
2Step L diag R twd ctr (ct 1); bounce on L lifting R heel in back (ct 2);
3Step R diag bwd R (ct 1); step L diag bwd R (ct 2).
 Repeat action of meas 1-3 until melody changes.
1Step RLR in place (cts 1&2);
2Step LRL diag R twd ctr (cts 1&2);
3Step R diag bwd R (ct 1); step L diag bwd R (ct 2).
 Repeat action of meas 1-3 until end of music.

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