TRANSLATION: Girl of the rocks (cliffs or mountain peaks)
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Dani Dassa who learned it from Yoav Ashriel.
BACKGROUND: Shalom Hermon choreographed Bat Tsurim (Bat Tzurim) as a circle and couple dance combination, but only the circle dance portion is described here as it is danced in southern California. The choreographer is Yoav Ashriel, the music is by Sara Levi.
MUSIC:Tikva (LP) T-117
Vanguard (LP) VSD-2130
Folkraft (45rpm) 1473
FORMATION:Circle of mixed M and W facing ctr, no handhold.
STEPS/STYLE: Danced with a free and happy spirit.


1-4No action.
1Leap R swd bringing hands down(ct 1); close L to R taking wt and bending knees and bringing hands slightly back (ct 2);
2Bring hands up in front and clap hands twice (cts 1-2).
3-8Repeat action of meas 1-2 three more times.
9Joining hands in low "V" pos, step R swd, leaving L in place (ct 1); pause (ct 2);
10Brush L across in front of R (ct 1); pause (ct 2);
11-12Walk four steps to R beg with L and end facing ctr on the fourth step.
13-16Repeat action of meas 9-12 to L with opp ftwk.
17-18Walk four steps to ctr beg with R and raising hands fwd gradually.
19-20Walk four steps bwd beg R and lowering hands gradually.
21Step R diag R looking up (ct 1); pause (ct 2);
22Step L diag L looking up (ct 1); pause (ct 2).
 Repeat entire dance from beg.



Mi zot tsurim shochenet
Doleget al ramot?
Kachalilim rononet
Tiferet alamot
Geva, Geva migalil navi
Pera, Pera saar bil'vavi
Gura naari, ho.
Kots latsabar yedati
Chach lashoshana
Mor heharim ahavti
Givat hal'vona
Rahav ul yamim tamid potseach
Ahav bil'vavo tamid poreach
Gura naari, ho . . .
  Who is the one who dwells in the cliffs,
Jumps on the hills?
Like flutes she sings.
The most beautiful of maidens;
More beautiful than the Galil.
A wild storm in my heart.
Get going my beloved man.
Prickly cactus I knew;
A flower to the rose.
Myrrh of the mountain I loved;
The hill of frankencense.
Desire always breaks out in my beloved.
Love in his heart blossoms.
Get going my beloved man.

Copyright © 2012 by Dick Oakes