PRONUNCIATION: BUH-tru-neh-ahs-kah din vee-KOHV
TRANSLATION: Old person's dance from Vicov, Moldavia
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Nicholaas Hilferink who presented it at the Idyllwild Folk Dance Camp in 1987.
BACKGROUND: In 1944 the Red Army drove the Axis forces out and re-established Soviet control over the territory of Bucovina. Romania was forced to formally cede the northern part of Bukovina to the USSR by the 1947 Paris peace treaty. The territory became part of the Ukrainian SSR as Chernivtsi Oblast ( province ). After the war, the Soviet government deported or killed about 41,000 Romanians. As a result of killings and mass deportations, entire villages, mostly inhabited by Romanians were abandoned. Vicov was, to a large extent, destroyed.
MUSIC: Electrocord (LP) ST-CS 0185, Side A, Band 3
FORMATION: A cir (open or closed), with hands joined and extended above head height with straight elbows.
STEPS/STYLE: Steps have a heay feeling. The swagger in the first figure is from upper body.


  Beg with vocal.
I.  FIRST PART: Facing and travelling CCW
1 Step R diag R fwd, lean R (cts 1-2); close L to R taking wt (ct 3); step R in place (ct 4).
2-3 Repeat action of Fig 1, meas 1, alternating ftwk 2 more times (3 in all).
  NOTE: During meas 1-2, cts 3-4, you may hold or do a double bounce in place on both ft (most of wt is on stepping ft).
4 Step L diag L fwd with plie, lean L (cts 1-2); step R diag R fwd with plie, lean R (cts 3-4).
5-16 Repeat action of Fig I, meas 1-4, alternating ftwk 3 more times (4 in all).
II.  SECOND PART: Facing ctr, hands in "W" pos, travel bwd and fwd
1 Small bounce on L lifting R knee (ct 1); small step bwd on R (ct 2); small bounce on R lifting R knee (ct 3); small step bwd on L (ct 4).
  NOTE: There is a small swagger of upper body.
2 Repeat action of Fig II, meas 1, cts 1-3 (cts 1-3); small step fwd on L (ct 4).
3 Small bounce on L lifting R knee (ct 1); small step R fwd (ct 2); small bounce on R lifting L knee (ct 3); small step L fwd (ct 4).
4 Hold (ct 1); small leap R fwd (ct 2); step L fwd with stamp (ct 3); hold (ct 4).
5 Small bounce on L (ct 1); stamp R in place without wt (ct 2); stamp R in place taking wt (ct 3); hold (ct 4).
6 Repeat action of Fig II, meas 5, with opp ftwork.
7 Jump on both ft swd L (cts 1-2); jump on both ft swd R (cts 3-4).
8 Jump on both ft in ctr (cts 1-2); hold (cts 3-4).
9-16 Repeat action of Fig II, meas 1-8.
III.  THIRD PART: Facing ctr
1 Step on R heel diag R fwd extending arms fwd at shldr height (ct 1); step L in place (ct 2); close R to L returning arms to "W" pos (ct 3); hold (ct 4).
2 Repeat action of Fig III, meas 1.
3 Moving swd R, step R heel to R (ct 1); close L to R with accent, knee bent, taking wt (ct 2); repeat action of cts 1-2 (cts 3-4).
4 Step R heel to R (ct 1); close L to R with accent, knee bent, taking wt (ct 2); slight drop on R next to L with bent knee (ct 3); hold (ct 4).
5-8 Repeat action of Fig III, meas 1-4, with opp ftwk moving swd L.
  Repeat entire dance from beg to end of music.


Şihai hăi, măai flăcai
Să jucam bătuta mă
Şi tot aşa şi sari în sus
Că poale la cămeşe nu-s
Poalili le-o ros guzganii
Si-am rămas numai cu stanii
Poali sînt, dar nu le-am pus
Că-s la mamuţa pa fus
Da le-oi toaree şi le-oi ţese
Şi le-oi pune la cameşe
Şi-oi ieşi la job în sat
Că-s fată de măritat
Si-oi juca pîn sat
Şi haideţi voi picioare moi
Că şi eu îs di pe voi
Şi nu va daţi muietului
Ca iarba tăietuliu
Şi-aista picior ma doare
Dar cu-aista bat mai tare
Şi-aisa-i picior mai scurt
Dar cu-aista bat mai mult
Hai de jucat aş juca bine
Mi-i ruşine de copile
Mi-i ruşine de flăcăi
Că s-auită-n paşii mai
Tropa, tropa pe podele
Ciubotele nu-s a mele
Şi ma tem ş nu le rup
Cî-s laute cu-împrumut
Tropa, tropa pe podele
Ciubotele nu-s a mele
Că le am de căpătat
Mulţămesc cui mi le-o dat
  Hey, hey, you lads
Let's dance the "Batuta."
So that's the way it goes and jump.
Because my blouse doesn't have a hem.
The hem was eaten by big mice.
Only the upper part remains.
The hem is there, but I haven't put it on
Because it is still on my mother's spindle,
But I shall spin it and weave it,
And I shall put it on the shirt,
And I shall go and dance in the village
For I am a nubile girl
And I shall dance until it becomes dark.
Let's go, weak legs
For I am on top of you
And don't be so weak
As grass before it is cut.
And this leg aches
And I stamp harder with it.
And the other leg is shorter
But I stamp more often with it.
I can dance well enough
But I am ashamed of the girls.
I am ashamed of the boys
Because they look at my steps.
Trample, trample on the floor.
My boots are not mine
And I am afraid to tear them
Because I have borrowed them.
Trample, trample on the floor.
Because I have borrowed them
It is the reason I have them.
I thank the person who gave them to me.

Copyright © 2012 by Dick Oakes