PRONUNCIATION: bah-shah-NAH hah-bah-AH
TRANSLATION: In the coming year
SOURCE: Dick Oakes learned this dance from Dani Dassa, one of the leading Israeli dance choreographers now living in the United States, who created this dance.
BACKGROUND: The words to Bashana Haba'a tell about next year, when peace will come, we shall return to the simple pleasures of life so long denied us. The choreographer is Dani Dassa; the lyrics are by Ehut Manor, and the music is by Nurit Hirsch.
MUSIC:Hed-Arzi Ltd. (LP) BAN 14133, side 2, band 1;
Hed-Arzi Ltd. (LP) BAN 14208, side 1, band 1.
FORMATION:Cpls in a cir, M back to ctr, W facing M, hands are free and held at sides.
STEPS/STYLE: YEMENITE STEP TO LEFT: Simply called "Yemenite L." Step L swd, bending L knee (ct 1); step up onto ball of R in back of L (ct &), step onto full L across in front of R (ct 2).


1-4No action.
I. YEMENITE L, 1/2 SIX-POINTED STAR (W steps same as M)
1Yemenite L (cts 1,&,2); pause (ct &); step fwd R, touching R palms with ptr at about shldr height (ct 3); step bwd L, lowering hands (ct 4); step R next to L (ct &);
2Step L swd (ct 1); step R in place (ct &); step bwd L, turning to face diag L (ct 2); step R in place (ct &); step fwd L, turning to face diag R (ct 3); step R in place (ct &); touch L next to R (ct 4); pause (ct &);
3Repeat action of meas 1;
4Step L swd (ct 1); step R in place (ct &); step bwd L, turning to face diag L (ct 2); step R in place (ct &); step fwd L (ct 3); step fwd R (ct &); touch L next to R as W places hands on top of M shldrs and M places hands on sides of W shldrs in Shldr-Shldr pos, elbows nearly straight (ct 4); pause with wt on both (ct &).
II. SIDE STEPS, OUT AND IN, TURN (W do opp steps from M)
5In Shldr-Shldr pos, touch L toe to L, leaning slightly swd R (ct 1); step L next to R (ct &); touch R toe to R, leaning slightly swd L (ct 2); step R next to L (ct &); step L swd (ct 3); close R to L (ct &); step L swd (ct 4); touch R next to L (ct &);
6Repeat action of meas 5 in opp dir with opp ftwk;
7Step fwd L, moving outward from cir (ct 1); step fwd R (ct &); step fwd L, bending L knee slightly (ct 2); step bwd R twd ctr of cir (ct &); step bwd L (ct 3); step bwd R (ct &); step L swd (ct 4); step R swd (ct &);
8Turning to face to L in RLOD, step fwd L, retaining R hand shldr pause (L for W) and holding L arm (R for W) out to side with elbow slightly bent (ct 1); step fwd R (ct &); step bwd L (ct 2); moving in LOD and making individual 1 1/4 CW turns as hands come down to sides, step R,L,R (cts &,3,&); touch L next to R, ending in Formation pos (ct 4); pause (ct &).
9-24Repeat entire dance from beg two more times, except that ptrs finish the turn of meas 24 in Shldr-Shldr pos.
25-40Repeat action of Fig II two more times, finishing the turn in Shldr-Shldr pos each time.


Bashana haba'a.
Neshev al hamirpeset
venispor tziporim nodedot.

Yeladim, bekhoufsha,
yesakhakhu tofeset
Beyn habayit, oulebeyn hasadot.

Od tire, od tire,
Kama tov yihye,
Bashana, bashana haba'a

Anavim adumim,
Yavshilu ad ha'erev
Veyugshu tzonenim lashulkhan.

Verukhot redumim,
Yis'u el em haderekh
Itonim yeshanim ve'anan.
Bashana haba'a.
Nifros kapot yadayim,
Yul ha'or hanigar halavan.

Anafa levana,
Tifros ba'or knafayim
Vehashemesh tizrakh betokhan.

  Next year
We'll sit on the porch
And count migrating birds.

Children on vacation
Play catch
Between the house and fields.

You will yet see, you will yet see
How good it will be
Next year.

Red grapes
Will ripen till the evening
And will be served chilled to the table,

And languid winds
Will carry to the crossroads
Old newspapers and a cloud.
Next year
We will spread out our hands
Towards the radiant light.

A white heron,
Like a light, will spread her wings
And within them the sun will rise.

Copyright © 2012 by Dick Oakes