Costume Artwork

By Dick Oakes


Here is info that I created on a comfortable costume piece for women -- the Bosnian women's "Shalvare," long trousers which Moslem women traditionally wear. Click the image to enlarge. The enlarged diagram is nine inches high and should print full-sized to a single page on your printer! Enjoy! ~Dick Oakes

Bosnian Women's Shalvare 1981

Bosnian Women's Shalvare

This costume was made for Kurdish performances of the Village Dancers, directed by Dr. Anthony Shay.


Cutting lines Cutting lines





Dr. Anthony Shay Jacket

  1. Attach gusset (E) to front and back (notch 3)
  2. Sew C and D together at shoulders (notch 4)
  3. Attach sleeves to gussets (E) front (C) and back (D), easing to fit
  4. Stitch side and under-arm, seam ending at dot
  5. Turn under edge for end cut-out part of sleeve
  6. Turn under hem of neck, front and bottom of jacket
  7. Decorate top, stitching up (1 to 3 rows) around edges of jacket.


  1. Sew front and back edges of A together (notch 1) in back
  2. Sew notched edges of B (gusset) together (notch 2)
  3. Sew gussets together, matching seams, legs, taper
  4. Turn down 1-1/2 to 2 inches at top and insert draw string or elastic
  5. Mark leg hem at ankle
  6. Decoration around leg hem is optional