FROM:       The Intersection Folk Dance Center
TO:   The Staff
DATE:   September 10, 1971

This September a new season is starting. We are in a business in which season plays an important role. A new objective look should be given to your classes. Evaluate the people who have been following your curriculum of dance material, as you will soon be introduced to many new people. Naturally, every teacher is caught in a quandary as to what to do when there is an influx of new people, and we ask you to do your best in blending these two factions of people. Suggest to those who you feel belong to the advanced group that they remain there, and to those who belong in the beginners group, by all means insist that they take your beinners session. There is good reason for the structure of the two classes. USE IT...
This is the time to become acquainted with many of your new dancers. Try to find out how they have been introduced to folk dancing and to the Intersection. Tell them about the various parts of the Intersection: a select gift shop; a complete record shop with a variety of listening and dancing pleasure; the array of dishes at the Intersection restaurant and cook-outs; and the music, singing, and film specials that are announced from time to time.
Remember--good public relations is good business for ALL...
Please give us the lists of the records that you are using, so that we may have them for charts and dancing during the week, as well as be able to answer the many questions thrown to us about particular records and dances.
It would be a good idea, as you come in contact with those taking your classes who show a deeper interest in being involved involved in dance, to tell them that they can join our exhibition dance troupes at the Intersection. We all need to work together, in order to promote and present a fuller and better dance picture as well as develop good dance ideas and etiquette in folk dancing...
            Thank you,
            Athan Karras and Rudy Dannes