Lighted Lantern Folk Dance Camp
Lighted Lantern
Folk Dance Camp

The First Camps – 1948

"Many Attend Party At Lighted Lantern"
A Local Newspaper, July 1, 1948

Square dancers from all parts of this region attended the open house held by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kermiet at their Lighted Lantern lodge on Lookout mountain last Friday night. The crowd was so large that it was necessary to run the dances in shifts for all guests to have an opportunity to dance.

The Kermiets have built an outdoor dance floor which the guests have found delightful. The lodge is built on a knoll from which the lights of Denver can be seen in a striking view.

Besides offering a place, music and caller for square dancing and folk dancing, the lodge also has facilities for overnight or day camping and for picnics. The lodge is available for parties, teas, songfests, worship services and the like. It is only one-fourth mile from Buffalo Bill's grave and museum.

Several events are sponsored annually by the Lighted Lantern. In July, a summer camp is held for boys and girls 10 to 14 years of age. This year the boys camp will be held from July 6 to 16. Girls will be in camp from July 19 to 29.

The Rocky Mountain Folk Dance camp will be held August 2 to 14. Three sessions a day are planned for this camp, with the Kermiets leading in the instruction. Western squares, couple dances, English and Danish folk dances will be taught but time is allowed for other recreation, too, such as hiking, picnicking, horseback riding and other items of fun. Enrollment is limited to 24 persons and it is assumed by the Kermiets that every applicant knows the basic folk dance steps.