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Silver Screen Buckaroos of Colorado

A video viewing club dedicated to the B-Westerns and Serials

By Dick "Colorado" Oakes


The Silver Screen Buckaroos of Colorado (SSBC) was founded during late 1995 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

The SSBC's president, Dick "Colorado" Oakes, is a member of The Trail Riders of the West (December, 1992), a B-Westerns & Serials video viewing club in Simi Valley, California, home of Ray "Crash" Corrigan's Corriganville.

For two years, the SSBC published a quarterly B-Western newsletter, the Buckaroos' News, which you may download as .PDF files.

Some of the SSBC's favorite B-Western & Serials information and links will take you to those days of yesteryear where you relive the glorious past with your favorite white-hat heroes, leading ladies, funny sidekicks, black-hat heavies, and more.